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Ao Kuang, found as Ao Guang everywhere but game names is the Chinese Dragon God of the East Sea. The East Sea is the body of water directly to the east of mainland China according to ancient Chinese geography. He governs the oceans and seas. He was not a nice ruler at one point. He brought chaos to the world through disasters, storms, and even droughts.

Ao Guang had an enormous treasury that housed weapons among its treasures. As fate would have it, Monkey was looking for a weapon. Going to Ao Guang, Monkey haggled Ao Guang down and chose Wishing Staff. Ao Guang was actually glad to be rid of it. Ao Guang and Monkey had many disputes and complaints were made to the Jade Emperor before they settled their differences. They even became frenemies.

Ao Guang’s son, Ao Bing, and Ao Guang’s favored investigator Li Gen, were killed in a battle with Nezha. Ao Bing and Li Gen when to find out why Ao Guang’s palace was shaking so much. Ao Guang went to Nezha’s father Li Jing to demand he sacrifices himself for his son’s actions. When Li Jing refused, Ao Guang went to the Jade Emperor. Unbeknownst to Ao Guang, Nezha planned to sacrifice himself. For tattling on his father for no reason, Nezha beat Ao Guang until Ao Guang turned into a small snake to escape.

I don’t particularly like Ao Guang. He is not a God I would associate much with. At least unless I wanted to unleash chaos on someone. Hm… that has possibilities. What do you think of him? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…