Source: ABC

I feel like I’ve wrote this same article 50 times now, but this time I mean it, we have arrived at the final stretch of Scandal episodes. There is just 7 more episodes of the series left and it kicks off tonight with the Scandal/HTGAWM crossover event. I’m not sure if you will be able to get away with just watching the first hour of the crossover or if Shonda Rhimes is using this event as a way to transition those who haven’t yet watched HTGAWM into the series since they’ll need something new once Scandal is gone.

For those of you like me who watched both series anyway (Though I am behind on HTGAWM by two episodes currently…oops), this won’t be a concern. So tune in tonight at 6pm PT/8PM CT/9pm ET for the last beginning of the end. I’ve also heard that once HTGAWM finishes up its current season on March 15th, Scandal will occupy its timeslot for the final 4 episodes starting March 22nd, so take note of that as well.