Before my husband and I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with two of our best friends, we would often play alone or live through other people’s campaigns. It was slightly tricky just playing the two of us, but some of our most incredible memories come from behind a DM screen. So, when I was browsing Kickstarter and saw Date Night Dungeon—Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan, I was elated.

What is Date Night Dungeon?

Date Night Dungeon was made by a couple for couples, in that it sparks romance and only requires two players. According to Tom and Catherine’s Kickstarter, the couple is both the DM and the PC. The module is split into four parts, and the pair can switch off DM duties. Due to each section being marked, unless the DM looks ahead, there will be no spoilers. The scenarios in Date Night Dungeon take about one to two hours; the best part is, that means multiple date nights!

Date Night Dungeon
Source: Date Night Dungeon’s Kickstarter

New Mechanics

Tom and Catherine thought of everything allowing players to sit back and enjoy their evening without too much stress. They even ensured that the main character’s names are gender-neutral, with sexual orientation defined by the players. They even included a few new character traits and ability rolls, including Attraction Points, First Impression Rolls, Turn-ons, and Pet Peeves, to spice things up. Each player begins with zero Attraction Points but will roll throughout the game to gain or lose attraction for the other player. As this dynamic duo noted, “… Isn’t love is a roll of the dice!”. It is a cute play on words, and I am excited to see how these mechanics work.

Final Thoughts on Date Night Dungeon

I do not want to give away too much of the story as outlined on the Kickstarter, I personally want it to be a surprise, but I must commend the pair for creating Date Night Dungeon. The campaign crushed the Kickstarter goal within 24 hours; it is clear to say that this idea is genius. In their monetary breakdown, Tom and Catherine expressed that they would love to create more modules in the future, and I must admit I would purchase everyone. They have already developed these campaigns for 3.5 and Pathfinder and intend to create a 5E version. Overall, I am looking forward to Date Night Dungeon and encourage everyone to check it out!