Welcome to another smashing installment of Overwatch Tips you guys. We got the German behemoth to go over today, Reinhardt! When Overwatch was first created, Rein was an essential piece to most competitive team comps, but since then, the tides have sometimes changed to trade protection and strength for mobility. But as of today, most of the tanks are in a good place and Rein is still that force that makes it self present on the battlefield. Let us get started!


One of the greatest defensive abilities in the game is Rein’s shield. Of course you should use it at chokes to protect your team but remember to NOT let it fully break. Announce to your team what your shield health is at and retract it before it can break. Allowing it to break will not only make you wait for the shield to recharge, but the ability to recharge as well.


When it comes to charging, you need to be sure of where you’re going. Making sure that you won’t be going off the edge, that you will be able to pin an enemy, and that you won’t be leaving your team defenseless without a shield. You WILL hear about how trash you are if you leave your team. Also remember it’s not only used to run over your enemies, but also to run away from them and regroup with your team.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment


One of the few ultimates in the game that you can actually pair! With it comes great responsibility, though. Rein can pair it with a plethora of heroes like Junkrat, D.Va, Ana, Pharah. Almost any damage dealing ult really. But things you need to make sure of is that the enemy team is close together in a bunch so you sneak behind and catch them with their pants down. Also make sure heroes like Pharah or Genji are on the ground so they will be stunned as well. Lastly, Earthshatter travels like a cone so near him the radius will be very skinny while 5 steps ahead will be a very wide radius so keep that in mind while trying to stun everyone.


Reinhardt is very good against heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, and perhaps Soldier:76 because of their need to stay long range. Rein will be there to protect from a distance. But you must be on the look out for Reaper and Pharah. Reaper is a well known tank destroyer and can get behind you and take you down to half health before you even know it. And Pharah will be able to get behind you as well and be able to hit you with some awkwardly angled rockets that will make your shield less of an asset to your team. Her concussive blast will also put you in uncomfortable situations past the choke.

Reinhardt may be a pretty straight forward hero but a lot goes into becoming good with him! Especially in the days of mobility and dive comp you need to be a pretty good Rein to stop all that madness. But with these strats I guarantee you’ll be a pro in no time.