We open to I guess you would call it magickal medicine or poison, and one of the Harrys. The girls, however, are on their way back to being the Power of Three. Until they are not and Harry drops the bomb that Dark Harry is in danger.

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Needing to figure out how to save Harry the quartet split up. Macy and Harry are largely unwilling to be grouped up recently. Therefore Mel goes looking for Dark Harry with Harry. They come across a vat in the place where Dark Harry was keeping the magickal beings that were being held a few episodes back. It’s the only thing with anything in it. Harry says that it’s death. Macy and Maggie are looking for a way to sever the two Harrys. The spell that Macy wants to tweaks requires the Power of Three which they don’t have. So it sounds like a good time to go poke the bear that is Abigael and not gets caught that Maggie knows Parker is still alive.

Jordan finally nails Maggie down for a minute to talk and gets her to let him help. So Far Macy isn’t having much luck in tweaking the spell. In the vat, Mel and Harry find various pieces of magical beings. They are trying to figure out for what purpose. Then they see what it was having surgery and have even more questions.

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Jordan goes with Maggie to see Abigael. He is supposed to distract her with his curse. Abigael is too smart for her own good. She is onto the ruse and catches Maggie in the act of looking for the ritual knife. Abigael does try and put a wedge between Jordan and Maggie though. Mel and Harry not only find Dark Harry but they find the creature having surgery. It isn’t pretty and they figure out where the corpse that was being raised at the rave went to.

Was Macy able to figure out how to sever the two Harrys? Will Harry and Macy ever get over themselves? Let me know your thoughts on Macy and Harry in the comments below. Til next week…