Things get pretty intense in the latest episode of Supergirl, and though it’s most of a filler episode, I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of character, relationship, and friendship development that we got. So let’s break it down and point out all the good stuff they gave us this week!

Alex and Sam get to work trying to figure out why Sam keeps losing parts of her memory, (Even though we already know, as the viewers) and it gives us some amazing one-on-one time between the two. I won’t lie, I’m sensing some chemistry, and I know Alex is still working through the aftermath of what happened with Maggie, but I’m hoping that a potential budding relationship between the two – and Alex’s relationship to Ruby now – will provide a redemption arc for Sam/Reign. I’m sincerely worried that they’re going to force Kara’s hand when it comes to Reign, and I’d much rather give Sam the chance at redeeming herself and purging Reign from her mind forever. After all, even Mon-El said “Reign eventually just leaves.”

In any case, Alex runs a few tests in the L-Corp labs, having to use those since Sam hates hospitals. Once they do a CAT scan and review the images, Alex relents that there’s not much showing, which means the scan isn’t revealing the source of the problem. As Alex is gathering more information to send to an expert, Sam confesses her fear of letting people in, and that she had done everything on her own since getting pregnant with Ruby at sixteen years old. Alex comforts her, and much like Kara did when Alex was unwilling to share parts of herself, Alex decides to be Sam’s shoulder. There’s a particular scene where Alex playfully hands Sam a lollipop, and I’m not necessarily saying these two will end up together, but you can’t tell me that wasn’t a flirtatious look that Sam shot Alex. I’m just saying. In any case, the duo sit down together with Kara and Lena, who tell Sam that they will always be there for her, and her only focus should be on getting better. Honestly, this scene killed me a little bit, simply because they’re so concerned that she’s physically sick, when in reality, it’s so much worse than that.

Sam and Alex Lollipop scene

Sam Arias and her flirty eyes – Supergirl – The CW

While Lena and James are enjoying a brisk walk to CatCo, they run into the always unpleasant Morgan Edge. He and the couple exchange snide comments and witty remarks, until Edge says something that gets under Lena’s skin. Naturally, she tells him to “burn in hell,” before he retrieves his car from the Valet and drives away. Now here’s where things get interesting – the computer chip in his car gets hacked, which leads to him jumping out of his own trunk before the car dives into the National City waterfront and explodes. I found that particularly interesting, because was it not Morgan Edge who initiated an attack against Lena Luthor – and subsequently Supergirl – beneath these very waters just a few short episodes ago? Regardless, he’s a huge baby about his potential assassination, and naturally believes it’s Lena’s fault. Which leads to him showing up to CatCo, chucking his keys at Lena’s head (Kara catches them because she’s a badass), and going on a huge rant about what an enemy Lena had just made.

Morgan Edge confronts Lena

Morgan Edge confronting Lena at CatCo – Supergirl – The CW

In James’ office, Lena is obviously more shaken by the outburst than she’d initially revealed, though they try to comfort her by saying she’d never retaliated, which gives her the high ground. During this particular scene, I noticed Kara mentioned something about “Her NCPD source” not having much on the case yet. Did she mean Maggie? I’m not sure how to feel about that if it was – I mean, I know she has to have someone to contact, but does it have to be the one person that Alex can barely stand to think about? It seems sketchy to me. Regardless, as they’re talking, Eve brings Lena her usual coffee, but the second the CEO takes a sip, she collapses to the ground. In a risky move, Kara flies Lena to the DEO in civilian clothing while James attempts to hunt down the hit-man. He chases the person who’d made the coffee down, only to watch as the man gets sniped from one of the surrounding buildings.

Kara flies Lena to the DEO

Kara risks her identity to save Lena – Supergirl – The CW

Alex goes all “Doctor-badass-I-played-Lexie-Grey-on-Grey’s-Anatomy-fight-me” and quickly determines that it’s cyanide poisoning, the cure for which is to lower the body temperature to the point of potential hypothermia. Naturally, Kara uses her freeze breath, which stabilizes the Luthor woman. In order to preserve Supergirl’s secret, Lena wakes up on the couch of CatCo. Kara and James explain that she was poisoned, and that the man James tried to chase down was killed in turn. They both firmly believe it was Edge, but James mentions a disintegrating bullet has Lena thinking otherwise. She tracks down an old “Luthor-Corp” project called the Evansce project. It leads her to an old warehouse where…sure enough, Lillian Luthor is plotting to take down Morgan Edge for messing with her daughter. Literally, that’s the whole thing. Lillian is being over-protective and will literally kill a business tycoon for it. Despite her hatred for Edge, Lena would rather see him rot in prison than die – yet she agrees to let Lillian try.

It leads to Lena confiding in Kara that, yes, she did try to kill Edge once, but now it was time for them to save him from Lillian. It leads to Lena working out that her mother was planning on using a gala for the city’s parks as the event in which to kill Morgan. His vip badge would be the thing that gets him targeted by a nearby drone, and when she reveals all of this to him, she gives him an ultimatum. Confess into the recorder she bought that he had poisoned those kids and made an attempt on Lena’s life, or that drone wouldn’t stop until he was dead. His confession leads to Lillian turning to plan b. She busts out Lex’s exosuit, the one he’d used to fight Superman. Supergirl conveniently shows up to the fight, and Mon-El quickly arrives to help. Honestly, when Lillian went all Iron-Man and busted out that suit, I had to agree with Winn on how freakin’ cool it was.

Lillian in Lex's ExoSuit

Lillian Luthor Auditions for Iron Man – Supergirl – The CW

While the heroes and villains are fighting in the air, Morgan gets his grubby little fingers on the recorder, and while Lena’s chasing him down, Guardian arrives in time to knock him to the ground. Lena picks up the recorder and gets an extremely satisfying kick to his face. The day ends with Lillian and Morgan both getting arrested, although…in a weird and twisted way, we saw Lena and her mother’s relationship mend a little. After that, the gang re-assembles at the DEO, where Winn has managed to narrow down the choices for the next Worldkillers, Purity and Pestilence. Early on in the episode, Kara has a dream about the trio of worldkillers, and while one of their faces wasn’t recognizable, she did clearly see a match in Winn’s list. She points them out, and it looks like tracking and capturing her will be the premise for the next episode. That’s it for this episode, let us know your thoughts, and be sure to tune in every Monday to the CW, to catch up on the latest episodes of Supergirl!