The WatchList: The Lion In Your Living Room


I am mostly despair and watching a show with any complex emotional resonance proved difficult, because our President-Elect is a dumpster that is about to get a victory parade by the KKK and everything may not be good, and how do we move past this and will dumpster’s VP Mr. Shitbag find a way to repeal marriage equality and all funding for planned parenthood and…Despair. Kitties. Fluffy things. Wittle bitty babies. This hour long documentary was all I could handle watching this week. Cats are so silly.


Aw. Also there’s a woman that studies cat meowing. She’s very smart. Cat Meowing Lady for President 2020.


And another woman who houses feral cats in Toronto. She is capable of feeling human emotions. Rosalynne 2020.


This cat is so purrrrrrty.


This man studies the O.G. cats in Jerusalem. He knows how to learn and love other cultures. Cat Man 2020.


Kitty party.


This cat looks hopeful. I want to be hopeful.


Submitted by Kevin Cucolo


Author: thegameofnerds

Where there us is no shame in having an unhealthy obsession about a fandom!

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