I was perusing the ol’ Kickstarter, as I tend to do, when I stumbled upon One Lonely Outpost, a sci-fi farming simulator with a unique setting I have never experienced before; space. That is right, farming simulators of the future include space travel. After a deep dive into this new soon-to-be hit indie classic, you, too, will learn the cutting-edge ideas Aurorian Studios is growing up!

One Lonely Outpost
Source: One Lonely Outpost

The Premise

One Lonely Outpost follows the story of one highly customizable character on their journey to create a thriving society. Players can grow a variety of crops, including tomatoes and cabbages; however, there are a variety of challenges in space when it comes to taking care of the land. Players can genetically modify their crops, either resulting in an excellent yield or a fuzzy mess, and even graft together different species. Either path, the  Synthetic or Naturalistic, is yours to decide along with various animals. Those who follow the Synthetic path will raise unique creatures such as jellyfish, frogs,  or microbes. In contrast, the Naturalistic approach leads to more traditional cattle; either way, One Lonely Outpost has a little something for all farmers!

Once the farm starts to expand, more individuals will flock to the outpost to make their living. These people will rely on your yield, but you will depend on them too! Mechanics, environmental engineers, and more will venture to your neck of space to get in on a piece of the action. With over twenty NPCs to engage with, no one will be lonely at this outpost. You can even find a special friend to live out the rest of your days with; the choice is yours!

If farming and colonizing a barren planet was not enough, players could also explore the alien landscape. It is quite strange that a world with oxygen and water would have no other life forms, but these mysteries are for you to unlock. There are four ancient alien ruins with robots waiting to test your wit and cunning. If you can make it passed them, you can harness the knowledge you gain to understand what this planet is all about and what this means for humanity.

The Details

One Lonely Outpost is currently on Kickstarter, and there is a development Discord in place. While there is no information on a release date, it is anticipated this title will be released on PC/Mac/Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. After viewing the trailer and the websites associated with One Lonely Outpost, I think it is safe to say it is well on its way to becoming a cult classic.