Tracer Cat

Source: Cosplay Cat via Twitter

Animals are probably the most popular thing on Instagram next to food and makeup. However, there’s something even better than animals; animals in cosplay! What’s cuter than your fuzzy friend dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda or Diana from Wonder Woman? Not to be dramatic, but nothing is better than that. Here are five cosplaying wonders you need to be following on Instagram, like yesterday.

Kiba Cosplay Corgi & Nicole (cosplaycorgi)

Kiba’s Instagram isn’t just filled with adorable selfies; Kiba is also a certified cosplayer! This pup not only lets his human dress him up in amazing characters, such as Deadpool and Mario, he also attends cons and is a certified service dog! You might have seen Kiba before, dressed as Link, which has been one of his most iconic photos, but honestly with a face that cute every picture is perfect.

Fuzzberta & Friends (fuzzberta)

Have you ever seen a cosplaying guinea pig? You have now! Fuzzberta is here to show you how she and her friends rock their costumes with all the short legs and squeaks to prove it. The best part isn’t even that the team of piggy cuteness has covered everything from Wonder Woman to Rosie the Riveter; they’re actually a rodent rescue! You can donate directly too them or spoil the fuzzy babies by buying something off their wish list.

Vox (outsidethevox)

If you know what a shiba is and you know what cosplay is, you’ve probably seen Vox at least once in your life. This doggo and her human are extremely good at bringing to life your favorite characters. Their most popular has been their Overwatch series; Tracer was her first cosplay ever. In fact, Blizzard themselves recently commissioned Vox for  Heroes of the Storm Foo Dog for Year which turned out as incredible as she is!

Cat Cosplay (cat_cosplay)

Some of us can barely get our cats to snuggle, let alone cosplay. Somehow, the humans over at Cat Cosplay have figured out the secret to training cats to not only sit still, but also get dressed up. There are quite a few kitties on this account, which includes their Tumblr,  but each one of them not only is adorning stunning cosplays but also posing for the camera. Talk about cattitude!

Merly! The Cosplay Dog (thecosplaydog)

Merly has something to show you; it’s her extensive collection of costumes that she wears to cons. A service dog and attention grabber, she travels to cons with her human mom and brings happiness to all who see her! She’s cosplayed everything from Dr. Strange to the Green Arrow! In addition to her Instagram, she also has her own website showcasing all of her colorful photos and appearances.