Episode 4 was John Dory’s time to shine and boy did I miss Mr. Dory. John Dory is a ranger and lawman in the town of Lawton, he mentions that the town hasn’t had a death in over a year, now we don’t know for sure if that is just in total or if that is how long he has been in charge without a death. If it is how long he has been a ranger than that means that Grace should have had her baby by now.

A little montage shows John waking up, having tooth trouble, and tagging out his deputy, rinse and repeat, that is until he goes to tap out his other deputy at the post and he is not there. John goes to look for him and finds the deputy dead all tangled up in the barb wire fence behind his house as a late night walker snack. Virginia is there to quickly blame it on his drinking problem, John is not so sure but Virginia is quick to put that to rest, John does a little investigation and finds an earring on the ground by the body and uses that to start his investigation.

Virginia knows things, many things she doesn’t really let on at first, she says that she knows that Janis was passing notes through the laundry to June from John and vice versa. She also has read all of them, she gives John a little ability to look into the death but also says that he could be in line for other things in the future in a round about way. Virginia plants the other ring on Janis and arrests her, knowing what she has done with the notes and that she was sleeping with the deputy.

John knows she didn’t do it and tried to find some information that will set her free, when he comes to the realization that he won’t be able to do that he wants to set her free so she can escape, however Janis and the rabbi went behind his back and pushed up her execution because Janis knows if she left that John would also die so they make sure that doesn’t happen.

Colby Minifie as Virginia, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

After Janis dies and has turned to a walker, John tracks her down and makes sure that she is put down, as a reward for this John is given a promotion of sorts as Virginia makes a big speech about the area and moving forward and all sorts of stuff that John just takes but doesn’t believe any of it. What is the reward that John gets? That June has been transferred to Lawton so they can live together, John removes his rotten tooth, that was getting worse and worse as the episode went on, as symbolism.

The minor touched on side story included Morgan, who was given some information that Grace was placed at the Gulch, he also gave Morgan a sweater of Grace’s so Ruphus the dog could try to get her scent to help track Grace down. Morgan and the dog are driving when he gets hit by another vehicle, Morgan goes out to check on the guys, as one sees the key around Morgan’s neck and tries to kill him. Morgan ends up killing both of the men and wonders what is so important about the key.