Farming-based games have become this portion of TGON’s bread and butter. My first interaction with life-simulators was when I was a wee girl playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life with one of my dearest friends on her GameCube. From there, my obsession snowballed, and now I can share these types of experiences with all of you. Therefore, when I found Roots of Pacha on Reddit, I knew we were in for a treat.

roots of pacha
Source: Roots of Pacha

The Plot

Roots of Pacha is a farming and life simulator currently in the works by Soda Den, a game studio run by brothers Timo and Jhony. On their Kickstarter, they shared a similar story to mine in which they, too, would spend hours playing Harvest Moon, passing the controller back and forth. They fantasized about one day creating their own game, which has now become a reality. The centerpiece of Roots of Pacha is the idea of cooperation, working with the nomadic clan to create a bountiful civilization. To illustrate this, we must take a look at the trailer.

The story begins with the nomadic clan that traversed the land of Pacha. Things were peaceful and quiet until one day, disaster struck. This led the family to find a more permanent home, full of promise and fertile land. Players can find vegetable and herb seeds to plant in a community garden of sorts. They can also befriend the local fauna, using them as mounts. If fishing or mining is more your speed, there are depths beyond your wildest imaginations waiting for you to unlock their secrets. Making friends, attending festivals, and finding true love await all in Roots of Pacha. Overall, there is something for everyone in this game.

Odds and Ends

As noted before, Roots of Pacha is currently in development. However, players will get back to the stone age on all major consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. An attractive feature of Roots of Pacha is the multiplayer option. Players can build their own home together with their adopted parents and imported friends in this mode. Within multiplayer cutscenes will include all players voicing their own opinions supporting the idea of collaboration. To summarize, cooperation and collaboration are key in the Roots of Pacha.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Roots of Pacha is a unique twist on the farming simulation genre. Soda Den did away with the trope of inheriting grandpa’s farm and forged their own path within the genre. The graphics are adorable, and I must admit, I am excited at the possibility of befriending a woolly mammoth. In the end, Roots of Pacha will be joining Stardew Valley in my Steam library, and I am excited to see where the story leads.