Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Justin Baldoni’s directorial debut was—just like Gina Rodriguez’s—wonderful. Complemented with a fantastic storyline. To me, that’s a testament to Jennie Snyder Urman and the love and respect she has for her cast. She trusted her two stars with pretty heavy episodes this season—and it paid off! Hopefully, we’ll see more stars directing in the future now that The CW has confirmed a (final) season five.

Xiomara has been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer; understandably, she’s freaking out. And so is everyone else. Jane, of course, is over-researching and inserting her opinions where they don’t necessarily belong. This sort of grates Rogelio the wrong way way, who isn’t feeling involved enough in Xiomara’s decision. She has to choose between a double or single mastectomy; a double mastectomy would be the safest option, because all of the breast tissue would be gone. While some (including Jame and Alba) believe she should get the double, Xo is conflicted. Her body has been a huge part of her identity, and even if she gets implants, she’s losing a true part of herself.

Rafael, of course, has gone through the cancer battle. He comes to her with advice to forget other people’s opinions and ideas and go with what feels best for her. It’s her battle and her body. It was a nice scene between two characters that have never actually connected. Hopefully this new “bond” they have will give them a better connection, since they’re family, after all.

Xiomara takes Rafael’s advice and blocks all the noise—then she decides to consult her husband. This decision surprised Rogelio, but in a good way. It showed how much Xo has changed—Ro comes first for her now, and this is a decision they need to be united on. She decides on the single mastectomy. This will remove the cancer, which hopefully means she’s on the road to recovery. Jane has already lost Michael, could she really lose her mother too?

Speaking of making decisions, Petra decided to REALLY tell JR about her feelings. She got relationship advice from Rafael (who at first thought she was crushing on HIS Jane); he encouraged her to present JR with a romantic gesture…while still playing it cool about her feelings. JR wasn’t into it. Then, Petra followed JR on a date and crashed her car into another one while spying. Surprisingly, that was enough to win over JR—I guess she likes her ladies a little crazy? So, JR and Petra are finally (didn’t actually take that long) an item. The question now is…how long will it last? Are we really supposed to believe that Krishna was Petra’s only enemy? Something else is probably lurking…


This is a telenovela, after all.