Now in week three of it’s season, season 10 episode 3 of “Bob’s Burgers, “Motor, She Boat”, brought us something classic and new. Bob’s universe is moving forward and Tina felt the pressure for sure this time around. Aside from Tina, Linda also began to feel the sands slipping through her hands. Welcome back as we do a brief review of what we saw and what it could mean for the future.

Bobs Burgers (Motor She Boat 5) (903)

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The most influential element that came from this installment was the introduction to old and new characters. These new characters included Karen and Troop 257’s dads. What made their first appearance so interesting was the potential for future inclusions. Upon making Karen (a Thundergirls national office employee) look bad in front of her superior, potential costing her a promotion, she will most likely grow to hate the Belcher family. With Tina mentioning her time in the Thunder girls almost coming to an end, the reappearance of a non-Bealcher friendly character would be interesting and not unheard of. On the other hand, the fathers of the Troop 257 seemed to develop a weird bond with Bob. It was sad to see them so disconnected from their daughters but who knows if Bob’s influence will change that for the better or worse (again, the potential is there).

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Talent and success, “wining” at life in general, is a rare thing in the Belcher family. The Bob-Tina story circulated around a cardboard boat race (which is actually a thing) being held by the Thundergirls. While the father daughter duo struggled to find understanding, Linda struggled to let her other two babies grow up.

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Troop 257 was up to their normal tricks and planned to cheat during the race. Despite everyone not believing Tina, she can always rely on Bob for support. This story had a good number of plot twists towards the end. While the logistics weren’t concrete (I hold that up to Karen not being a smart character), everything played out smooth and well written.

Even though this is only the third episode, we are growing concerned that characters are being made to act outside their normal behavior (call us picky but recall Tina’s role in the last episode). Linda has a history of being a little crazy, in a fun way, but ignoring the fact that her children are getting older and are no loner interest in certain things had us concerned. This side story was funny and wasn’t in any way bad, we just don’t want to see our beloved Belcher family getting written all over the place.

Bobs Burgers (Motor She Boat) (903)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

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