This week’s episode features the return of a character that hasn’t been seen for a long time in the form of Rumple and Hook’s ex, Milah. And does that make for some awkward conversation when Emma is introduced to her as both Baelfire’s ex-partner and Hook’s current one. Once again proving just how messed up this family tree really is!

After Hook refuses to do as Hades says at the end of the last episode and pick three of his friends to stay in the Underworld, Hades decides to punish him by chaining him up above the River of Lost Souls. This River is the Cocytus, the River of Wailing. This river will take hope from anyone who touches its waters. And considering the Charmings and all associated with them thrive on hope, this is a very fitting plan of punishment. Except instead of just putting Hook in the river, Hades strings him up, giving Emma plenty of time to convince Gold to help her and rescue him. Though perhaps this was Hades’ plan all along as he appears to Gold and offers him a deal that he simply can’t refuse. Destroy the boat and get rid of Milah by throwing her in the river and in return Hades will send him home. Except Milah is right, Rumple really can be an idiot and Hades twists the terms of the deal, saying he’ll send Gold home at some point but for now, he has plans for him. Gold has created and used a crystal ball in order to check up on someone. At first we think it’s Belle but no, he was searching for Bae, his child, and instead sees his – unknown to them at the time – pregnant wife.

Meanwhile, Regina is on a hunt of her own. She meets up with Cruella in Underbrooke’s Granny’s Diner and from her gets a map of the graveyard and told that how the stones are positioned is important. Upright the person is still in the underworld, tipped over their in a better place and cracked, they’ve gone to Tartarus. Regina and Snow visit the graveyard and fine the stone Regina was looking for – Daniel’s. It’s tipped over and Regina is happy that her first love is in a better place now. When they return to main street, they see a horse that is unable to get up and Regina uses her magic in order to help it. The return of her magic is cause of celebration as she is now able to pull out people’s hearts again. Of course the whole reason for entering the underworld in the first place.
But things rarely go so smoothly. Even though Emma has rescued Hook, they hit a snag. Hades has chosen three of the group to stay in the underworld in return for those they allowed to leave. Regina, Snow and Emma. Meaning that they can no longer use Emma’s heart in order to save Hook. I’ll say it again, making the people causing trouble in the underworld stay is an awful plan on Hades’ part. Surely it’d be better for him just to let Hook go?

The past events in the Enchanted forest show the steadily declining relationship of Rumple and Milah. When Bae is bitten by a snake, the pair are determined to save him, despite they’re own differences, they still love their son. They go to the healer who tells them that the only cure for the snake’s venom is something magical which the couple are unable to afford. Milah comes up with a plan that involves Rumple killing the healer and stealing the cure from him but when it comes to it, Rumple is unable to do so. He and the Healer talk and they make a deal. He will give Rumple the cure on the promise of Rumple giving him his second born child. Rumple agrees and Milah is understandably furious at him. Once it becomes clear that Bae is going to be alright, Milah leaves. She heads to the tavern to find the tall, dark stranger she encountered a few hours before. Captain Killian Jones himself.

After he has become the Dark One, Rumple returns to the healer and kills him, believing that with the man dead, he will no longer owe him a debt.
And this is the crux of the matter. The healer has unfinished business and is therefore in the underworld. And Gold discovers that not even death can break a deal like the one he made. The healer has signed the contract over to Hades so now Gold owes Hades his unborn baby. And Hades will cash this in whenever he chooses, giving him ultimate power over Rumple who despite all his faults, has always done his best to put his family first.

Just how far is he willing to go in order to protect Belle and their unborn child?