Season 3 of Love an Original by Netflix is coming out on March 9.  With the new season coming out now is the time to binge watch the last two seasons.

The first season of the show centers around Mickey and Gus meeting and trying to be friends, the second season is about them trying to have a relationship.  The show does not sugar coat much.  Both Mickey and Gus have some serious issues.  Mickey deals with a cocktail of addictions, while Gus worries about his job.  The seasons are all over the place much like Mickey and Gus’s relationship.

The second season focuses on Mickey trying to become her best self.  This is fine but she is still brutally honest and abrasive towards most people.  Gus on the other hand is the typical dorky nerdy lovable boy.  On the other hand, he cannot stop apologizing and making grand gestures that fall flat as Mickey does not want any of it.

The couple is faced with many issues and throughout it all you still want them to work out.  Other times you wonder how two people could constantly get themselves into trouble like these two do.  In any case, the new season coming out is exciting and it will be interesting to see where this season will take the characters.