Pick up a shield and start flailing around in excitement! Blizzard announced today that March 20th will see the release of Brigitte Lindholm, Overwatch’s 27th hero, across all platforms. She’s been available on the Public Test Realm for some time, but now she’ll be available for official play.

“An engineer with peerless armor-constructing abilities,” Brigitte is a tank/healer combo whose primary abilities allow her to heal and shield nearby allies. She’s also a fearsome damage dealer; her primary weapon, the Rocket Flail, boasts extended range and passive healing every time she lands a hit.

As a child, she was inspired by Reindhart, which is apparent whenever she hefts her Barrier Shield to protect her allies or dash forward to stun enemies. However, her father obviously had a significant impact on her moveset as well; she can toss Repair Packs which heal allies they hit and provide them armor if they’re already at full health.

If you’d like to see Brigitte in action, check out some PTR footage. If you’re interested in the extensive world of Overwatch lore, you can watch her origin story. If you want to plan ahead and see which skins you’re going to be aiming for, check out the gallery of them all.

Overwatch – Brigitte Kit Abilities

Rocket Flail – Reaches 7m out, doing 35 damage every 0.6 seconds. Turning your screen lets you hit more people.

Repair Pack – Throws a Repair Pack up to 30m. Heals 150 health, then gives up to 75 armor that lasts 5 seconds. Locks on like Zenyatta’s orbs. 6 second cooldown.

Whip Shot – Reaches up to 20m, doing 70 damage and 5m knockback. Only hits one person. 4 second cooldown.

Barrier Shield – 600 health, slows Brigitte to 3m/s. Regenerates after 2 seconds of inactivity at 100 health per second.

Shield Bash – Dashes forward 7m, doing 50 damage to the first person you hit and knocking them back 5m. Stuns them for 0.75 seconds. 5 second cooldown.

Inspire – All allies within 20m get a buff that heals them for 16 health/second for a total of 80. 1.5 second cooldown.

Ultimate: Rally – Gives all allies within 7m 15 armor every half second, to a maximum of 150. Armor is permanent until removed by damage. Also speeds Brigitte up, but doesn’t stack with other speed abilities. Speeds affects her shielded speed as well. Lasts 10 seconds.

Playing Brigitte

Brigitte is officially listed as a Support character with only one star of difficulty. She’s around mid-low healing ability, between Mercy and Lucio, and isn’t really viable as a solo healer. Off-healing, prepping for upcoming skirmishes, and clutch healing almost-dead allies are what you’ll want her for. Keep your repair pack for people actively fighting or almost dead, or give it to someone who’s just jumping into the fight for the armor. Keeping Inspire refreshed is also important.

Keep close to the front lines where your shield and Inspire are best put to use. Repair Pack those who need it and keep an eye out for flankers that you can go punish. On defense, blocking doorways is the best strategy; flankers love to circle around through single-person doors like that. You can also stand just outside one and Shield Bash -> Whip Strike people for environmental kills. Find one that you can block without giving up Line of Sight to your team for those sweet, sweet heals.

For both modes, your Shield Bash can break Reindhart’s shield; follow up with a Sombra hack or an Ultimate. Of course, your shield can also be used to provide some much-needed cover for allies. Keeping a Soldier 76 safe as he takes down a Pharah, for instance, or standing in front of a Widow and throwing out heals in front of you. Even Mercy needs some cover as she flies in to resurrect someone.

Since Inspire is a buff, not an Area of Effect, allies can leave it and still be healed. They just won’t get the buff refreshed on subsequent hits. Hitting Junkrat’s Mine/trap and Mei’s Icewall triggers Inspire, and you can still trigger it if Sombra’s hacked you. There’s a bug where Inspire can’t be given to allies if you’re above or below them, since the ability is Line-of-Sight from your feet – it’s unknown if this will be fixed by the time she’s released.