Welcome back Bob’s Burgers fans, the show has not released any new episodes in two weeks but thankfully that ended with “The Gene Mile” this week. Season nine’s episode twenty, rocketed on the reliability meter and it doesn’t hurt that all the plots  managed to capture our interests.

Bobs Burgers (The Gene Mile 1)

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First off, we had a minor change in the story-line as there were three segments to follow instead of the standard two.

Bob, Linda and Teddy spend their time on the phone trying to get discounted tickets to Cake (a show shown in a previous episode where performers play patty-cake in a rhythm and Bob became obsessed). Many of you know that ticket prices to most events are expensive and in the Belchers case, they wont be able to go if they are unable to get them at the discounted price. In the end they managed to get the tickets but not without a few arguments along the way. Despite Bob’s discomfort in admitting that Teddy is his best friend, this event really proved to be a testament to their friendship. Even though they were fighting Teddy still helped Bob get the tickets and Bob (who is usually stubborn) was willingly apologized.

Tina and Jimmy Jr. clash once again on this weeks installment. At first Tina was trying to establish a friendly run with her crush but Jimmy Jr.’s inflated ego got in the way. Jimmy Jr. believed that he was a superior runner to Tina and that she would be unable to keep up. After a heated argument, what was meant to be a friendly couple-ish run had then become a competition between the two on who will surpass the other. We felt that this episode was a real highlight for Tina’s character as she not only stood up to Jimmy Jr. but proved herself to be better in a way. Usually Tina is chasing after Jimmy Jr. but he was the one doing the chasing this time as Tina left him in the dust (it was actually pretty close towards the end but you get what we mean).

The other two Belcher children, Gene and Louise, along with their friends, make a plan to avoid the schools mandatory mile. Most readers in the U.S. will know of the dreaded school wide run were classes/ grades/ the whole school run a select path (this will vary school to school). Unfortunately, for these kids, this falls on the day that  Moo’s Clues Ice Cream has a free scoop day. This group of kids decide to take a risk and stray from their school to get ice cream. Gene surprised us with his efforts and the others warmed our hearts with their consideration but you have to watch the episode to appreciate what we mean.

Bobs Burgers (The Gene Mile 3)

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Continuity speaking there were some plot holes that you would only notice if you really focused on questioning a few things. For instance the shock our main characters expressed upon the announcement of the mile. Rudy and Louise are pretty young but certainly at least one of them would have heard about it from other students/ siblings. Plus we thought if anyone could get a doctors note it with have been regular sized Rudy. Also Jimmy Jr.’s running skill, while we cant recall an exact moment of him running, we certainly don’t believe he has ever moved like he did in this episode. Since this is an annual thing, he either got worse in the span of a year (hence the confidence) or Tina never really tried and preferred to stay behind. On a more positive note, props to Teddy for being that one person who doesn’t upgrade their phone till the brink of total failure.A lot of people have either been through this or know of someone who has which we felt created a special connection with viewers.

Bobs Burgers (The Gene Mile 2)

Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

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