Super Channel is pleased to announce that Phantom Signals, a new Super Channel original docuseries from Toronto-based Go Button Media will premiere on Super Channel Fuse on Sunday, November 8 at 8 p.m. ET. Each episode of the six-part investigative series will also be available on Super Channel On Demand the day following its weekly linear broadcast. 

We are surrounded by an invisible sphere of infinite data, bombarding us from all over the planet and from the depths of the unknown Universe. These signals, which are part of our everyday life, help define our understanding of the Universe and largely go unnoticed. But sometimes a strange phenomenon occurs; a faulty message or a literal blip on the screen. What are these unknown signals? Where are they coming from? And what could they really mean?

In Phantom Signals, experts investigate these mysterious phenomena and breakdown the meaning behind these puzzling signals.

Across the globe, inexplicable events happen all the time, but it isn’t until a major incident challenges our understanding of the world that we become vigilant of these undetected dangers. When an intercept pilot near the Canadian border vanishes mid-air, experts are left searching for a reasonable explanation that could justify this rare occurrence. Similarly, when scientists discover a powerful radio beam in deep space that reaches Earth only to vanish and never return again, they’re left to wonder whether some signals are forever beyond our understanding.

From a suspected cosmonaut’s last communication, to a mysterious cry for help over a radio, to an unexplained ghost in the radar weather over Kentucky, to a floating city in the clouds; these tantalizing mysteries come from all corners of the cosmos to alert us to what might really be out there.

Whether secret clues to a hidden super volcano, a strange radio broadcast from the Cold War, or a mysterious knocking in space, Phantom Signals investigates the strange and unexplainable from our Universe that has the potential to change our understanding of data in our daily lives.