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Pele is the Hawaiian/Polynesian Goddess, who is originally from the island of Tahiti, of volcanoes and fire. Her power is felt throughout the Hawaiian islands. Her symbols are fire and volcanoes. She lives in Halema’uma’u which is a pit crater within Kilauea Caldera. Halema’uma’ means “house of the “ama’u fern”. She is the creator of the island of Hawaii. She is often called Madame Pele or Tutu Pele and “She who shapes the sacred land”.

Her parents are Haumea the Earth Goddess, her mother, and Kane Milohai Creator of the sky, earth, and heavens, her father. Her brother and sisters are many but some of their names are Hiiaka, Namaka, Kapo, Ku-waha-lio, Namakaokaha‘i, and Kamohoali’i. As I said earlier, Pele is actually from Tahiti but was banished by her father because of her temper.

She is said to wander the islands. Either as a young, beautiful woman or as and old woman, usually dressed in white and she may or may not have a white dog with her. If she makes a request of you, it would be wise to grant it. She has a fiery temper. Nor should you take rocks from her home. She may curse you.

She and her older sister Namakaokaha‘i, Goddess of Water, were warring because Pele seduced her husband. It was so bad that her oldest brother, Kamaohoali’i God of Sharks, gave her a canoe that she and several other siblings used to get away while battling Namakaokaha’i. Namakaokaha’i made it hard for Pele to build a home after she left because Namakaokaha’i kept flooding the pits Pele would make.

She eventually made a home. Not just on the land but also within the hearts of the people. Like any good woman, she is passionate and spicy. What do you think of Pele? What God or Goddess would you like me to cover next? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

Source Smite