I am a fan of horror movies. I am not so big on the unholy amount of blood slasher movies. Don’t get me wrong. Some are great. I like the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I am much more into the mess with your head kind. Psychological horror is great with some jump out boos. It makes my heart thud so hard. I love it!

My very favorite horror movie of all time is The Exorcist. Yes, the 1973 movie The Exorcist. If you don’t already know of it, it is a story of a little girl, Regan, who gets possessed by a demon. She kills one priest who is trying to exorcise her. It falls to a jaded priest to save her. This is the movie that her head spins around and she also projectile vomits. It stars Linda Blair and Jason Miller.

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I also love Warlock and Warlock Armageddon. Warlock was made in 1989 and starred Julian Sands, Richard E. Grant, and Lori Singer. In 1691 the Warlock (he has no name in the movie other than warlock) is set to be put to death but escapes to the modern-day. Well, modern-day 1989. Redferne the bounty hunter with a personal vendetta against the Warlock came through too but was deposited elsewhere but not far. Referee must stop the Warlock from putting the Satanic Bible back together.

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Warlock Armageddon stars Julian Sands as the Warlock again. This time, he has gotten his reward from Satan but now he must collect stones. Two young, inexperienced Druids must stop him. Both of these movies are cheesy as Hades but I have been watching them since I was a kids so… There is a third Warlock movie. I attempted to watch it once but it was absolutely horrible. By and large I don’t really acknowledge it but figured I would be honest with you gals and guys.

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Remember I said I like a bit of blood and that I like to jump out boos? 13 Ghosts from 2001, has a good amount of both. It stars Tony Shalhob, Matthew Lillard, and Shannon Elizabeth. A recently widowed man inherits a house and moves his family in. The house is a type of portal to Hell. It is powered by the ghosts that are trapped within. The ghosts are so creepy, scary, and cool. The deaths are impressive.

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The Conjuring is so good. It is truly a psychological horror. It definitely has great jump out boos. It stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, and Lili Taylor. Set in 1971, a family moves into a Rhode Island farmhouse and quickly find out it’s haunted. Desperate for help the mother goes to Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warren’s go to help and are put to the test.


I am both a glutton for punishment and arachnophobic. I say this because I love watching Arachnophobia. Julian Sands makes another appearance on this list. This time in a more supporting role. Jeff Daniels and John Goodman also star in this movie. A spider from South America mate with a spider from the US. Then bodies start dropping like flies. Somebody must stop these spiders before they get too far.

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I love to be scared. Just not completely grossed out. There are many more that I could name. The Langoliers, The Myst, It, The Stand and Occulus to name a few. Did I mention any of your favorites? Which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…