Hello Hello, and welcome back my fellow Nerds! I am sorry for the delay in return, I had some serious issues to deal with in real life. Luckily, it looks like everything is working themselves out now. Not so much for the Residents of Chastain Park. Let’s dive right in!

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Let’s talk about Ghosts. We meet Eileen Jacoby, a doctor who taught Conrad. She is admitted after she starts seeing ghosts. She believes she is just going crazy, while Conrad isn’t so sure, thinks it might be medically related. After a few tests and no improvement, Mina approaches Conrad, admitting Eileen is the reason she started practicing surgery. Conrad finally realizes her issues might be mental, but depression, not the onsight of dementia or other mental diseases. They talk, and all her ‘ghosts’ are those who passed away under her care. Conrad gets Mina involved, and they rebalance a microscopic scalpel. Eileen realizes, she is still in love with her job, and Mina thanks her for being her Hero. Eileen apologizes to those who passed, and they disappear. Sometimes you have to let go of the past to move on. Eileen decides to return to teaching, and being a hero and inspiration to the next generation.

Speaking of ghosts, Conrad is not doing well with Lily’s death, kinda taking it out on himself. While jogging, he is distracted by thoughts of her and ends up injuring his ankle pretty bad. Devon keeps trying to help treat Conrad, who only pushes him away. Finally, Devon snaps and corners Conrad. Quietly, he tells his mentor that he is not allowed to be the only one hurting over her loss. So, take a scooter and move on. We later see Conrad scooting around. We also see Nic coming home with Conrad, and actually treating the ankle.

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Speaking of Nic, she really flexed her nursing muscles as a VIP is giving all the other nurses a hard time. With quick thinking, she is able to relieve Ted Zhau’s fears and gets praised by changing the room number to 3333 and actually listening to the patients. Sadly, Dr. Bell is in charge of Mr. Zhau’s surgery, putting everyone else on edge. During the procedure, against the judgment of his attending doctor, Dr. Bell decides to stabilize a certain vein, and proceeds with the surgery.

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While Mr. Zhau is moved to a Post-Op room, Claire approaches and asks how the surgery went. Jessica, the attending Nurse, just says the patient actually survived. Taken aback, we see Claire sees how the others view Dr. Bell for the first time. Of course, the vein begins to bleed and Nic asks for Mina and Jude, even though it is Bell’s patient. Nic blatantly states either they can help the patients or call Bell and have the patient die. Questions are starting to form in Claire’s mind, but more is going on behind the scenes…

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There are much more working behinds the scenes at Lane Hunter seems to be making moves this episode. I wonder what the next episode will hold for us. It seems she is all for the autopsy, even though it should reveal Lily passed from too much chemo. She also put in Dr. Bell’s mind that maybe a well-respected doctor should be CEO of Chastain. I think she set Nic up and is hiding something about Lily’s treatment. I also think she wants Dr. Bell to be in power, so fewer people will question her treatment methods. Sadly, that is all for this episode, and we will be back to regularly scheduled posts from now on. Hope you all have a great day, and as always, Stay shiny!