Episode Synopsis: 

Caputo’s leadership is challenged and the inmates are in for a long night of lockdown after workers make an unsettling discovery.

The Inmates:

First off, thank god Blanca and Piper finally were freed from standing on the cafeteria table, because of the lockdown.

-Lockdown commences-

Internal monologue

Healy was having an incredibly tough time dealing with the news about the dead body found in the garden. After brushing off Lolly’s confession earlier on, he finally couldn’t handle the fact that he didn’t believe her. But it’s quite understandable because she has delusions. His first instinct after hearing about the news, was to flee the prison. He decided to grab some ice cream to get his mind off the ordeal, but he gets a call from one of the guards to come back and help. Not wanting to get in trouble and believing that his life is over, Healy makes the decision to attempt to drown himself in a lake. This scene was pretty hard to watch because the pure sadness on his face, while he’s entering the water, was upsetting. Thank god work calls him back, and he ends up not committing suicide after all. Also, I think a weight was lifted off of him when he finally told Piscatella about Lolly’s confession. But sadly, he felt terribly for Lolly, when she had to be taken to psych. I think he was thinking that he failed her, just like he had failed his mom.

Innocent victim

We finally dove deeper into Suzanne’s “Crazy Eyes” life and I felt for her. She also had a rough time during the lockdown. In her flashbacks, we see that she had a normal life, working at a store, similar to Walmart, and even got Employee of the Month, for being such a friendly greeter. Unfortunately, when her sister tells her that her and her boyfriend are going to be out of town for the weekend, Suzanne immediately starts freaking out. Her maturity level is pretty stunted, so she’s afraid of being left home alone. When her sister is gone, Suzanne decides to go to the park and try to make some new friends. She sees Dylan playing, who is one of the kids she greets at her work, and asks if he’d like to come back to her apartment. They end up playing video games, but when Dylan decides that it’s time to go home, Suzanne thinks he should stay the whole weekend. Suzanne really has no concept of what is right and what is wrong sometimes, and because she hasn’t matured mentally, she doesn’t understand the concept of non-adults, having to go home to be taken care of. This leads to Dylan calling 911 and trying to escape from Suzanne. Trying to teach Dylan a lesson, Suzanne tries to run after him, and while he attempts to escape from the balcony, he falls off and dies.

Back to being in prison, Taystee tells Suzanne that she shouldn’t be hanging around her ex, Maureen anymore, because of what she did the night before. When Piscatella decides to interrogate some of the inmates, both Maureen and Suzanne are chosen. While they are waiting to be interrogated, Maureen decides to talk to Suzanne, but Suzanne doesn’t want anything to do with her and walks away. Later, the guard, Humphrey decides to have a little fun and wants the girls to fight. Maureen says she’ll fight Suzanne, even though Suzanne doesn’t want to fight anyone. When the fight starts, Suzanne tries to get out of it, but after Maureen starts insulting her over and over again, Suzanne finally loses it and starts beating up Maureen profusely. This was another scene that was incredibly hard to watch. At first, I thought Suzanne would punch Maureen a couple times, but things escalated super fast, and she lost control. It was terrifying to see Maureen’s face get bloodier by the second, till she was unresponsive. And even though Suzanne beat Maureen to a pulp, I still felt bad for her because she didn’t want to fight in the first place.

In charge

After finding out about the dead body, Caputo tells the guards that they still don’t know the identity of the guard. While Caputo goes to deal with FCC, he puts Piscatella in charge. He tells everyone that he’s going to question some of the inmates and that Luschek is responsible for keeping Judy safe. Of course, Luschek is not happy with his new task because he’ll have to face Judy again. When Luschek gets to Judy’s room, she seems very pleased to see him again, and asks if he’ll do Molly with her. Outside, Coates is guarding the crime scene, and gets spooked out, when he hears some rustling in the corn. God knows what was in there. At FCC, Danny Pearson and Crystal Burset pay Danny’s father a visit and wants some answers concerning Sophia. They show him the picture of Sophia still in SHU and ask why she hasn’t been released yet. Back in Judy’s room. Her, Yoga Jones and Luschek are as high as a kite, and start getting honest with each other. Then out of nowhere, Yoga Jones and Judy start making out, and Luschek decides to join them. That just made me cringe, looking at the three of them go at it. And back at FCC, Caputo is ready to leave, when he runs into Linda. She wants him to come home with her, but he tells her that he wants to return to Litchfield, to make sure everything is alright. After Linda makes her case that everything will be ok because the inmates are behind bars, Caputo figures out that Linda has never actually been to a prison. Figures. After he tells her that he’ll walk her to her car, he better have gone back to Litchfield, because he’s in for a rude awakening.

Don’t give in

After the news of the dead body starts spreading, Red, Frieda, Alex and Piper start freaking out. They start preparing themselves for what they are going to do if they get picked to talk to Piscatella, but at the same time, they’re worried that Lolly will blab about the incident. When the guards are calling inmates to be interrogated, Red is one of the people chosen. When Red finally walks into Piscatella’s office, she acts surprised that a body was found in the garden. Being the head of the garden club, Piscatella thinks Red has some details about the incident, but Red reveals nothing. To make matters worse, Piscatella then decides that the guards should start going through her bunk and her office to find any clues. While the guards go to inspect her things, Piscatella starts interrogating Red yet again about the fact that when she was arrested, there were 5 bodies found in her freezer. If she in fact killed the guard, she would be sent to max. Feeling confident, Red reveals that Piscatella isn’t scaring her, but gets nervous, when the guards come back with keys that were hidden behind her filing cabinet. Later on, from all the pressure, Alex decides that she should turn herself in and talk to Piscatella about what happened. Unfortunately, she’s too late, when Healy tells Piscatella about Lolly’s confession. Poor Alex is distraught after because she tried to do the right thing, but Lolly ended up being the one to get in trouble. I mean, it makes sense, since Lolly injured the guard in the first place, but Alex was thankful that Lolly saved her from being killed herself.


While the lockdown is going on, Nicky starts getting withdrawals because she doesn’t have any drugs and the inmates aren’t allowed to leave their dorms. Pennsatucky sees that Nicky is suffering, so she decides to be helpful, and help  distract her from her withdrawals. As time goes by, Nicky is suffering, but is thankful that Pennsatucky is here with her. She tells Pennsatucky that she’s the only person who got better in prison. Nicky is totally right. Pennsatucky was such a villain in the beginning, but over time, she got rid of her anger and her own addiction, and became a better person. Now she believes that she can help other people conquer their troubles.