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She- Ra and the Princesses of Power: Review and Predictions

Netflix’s original series, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”, is truly on the edge of greatness. Despite its recent release, first airing on Netflix last year, She-Ra has been quickly becoming a fan favorite. Two seasons have already been released but season three will be released August 2, 2019. The release of season three promises to be on a whole new level for the series as a new character will be introduced and given the huge cliff hanger we were given last season, fans are on the edge with anticipation of the beloved Catra’s fate.

She-Ra Season 2 (Horde Squad)
Photo Source: Netflix – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Everyone working on the show, from the creator to the voice actors, have been out and about discussing the show. Not to long ago there was even an event on Tumblr where fan questions got answered and hints to future content were given (if you haven’t seen this then definitely check it out as there is some amazing information to be learned). It is undeniable that this She-Re reboot has become very popular since it’s release. The merchandise is subtly coming to light and the rush to release new seasons has not slowed down. As stated above, season three will be released in August and fans are eagerly awaiting despite the few details of the impending installment.

We will continue to discuss She-Ra in the future but for now let us move on to what occurred in season two, the theories that came of it and why it makes us crave season three.

She-Ra Season 2 (Roll With It)
Photo Source: Netflix – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Relationships and their development were truly the focal point for the season as viewers watched the characters interact with each other. On the other hand, we saw an emphasis on pressure/ stress and how it affects us day to day.

Contrary to the first season, we got to watch a little more of the Horde soldiers (Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio) interactions opposed to mainly just Scorpia and Catra. Watching them, each character has their own charm that really came out with their new found screen time and we feel this character development will be crucial for season three. One of the amazing things this show takes into consideration are the small details that can signify so much more. We don’t want to give away any spoilers but with the little time each soldier is given, viewers can see the difference from last season. Catra and Scorpia’s story-line was both exciting and hard to watch as they made extremely little progress towards any kind of friendship (some fans even claim this to be a somewhat abusive relationship which some might relate to).

Adora and the princesses move forward from the last season finale but not without scares. Adora, Glimmer and Bow were the main three we saw throughout the seven episodes with little screen time for the other princesses. It was sad but essential. In some of the episodes we see each one dealing with some form of stress, trauma and fear. It is through dealing with these things the story progresses and even leads us to further our opinions. Their plot-lines were very relate-able (especially Bow). The Horde mostly focuses on the darker side to relationships where little love and acceptance is found so watching the rebellion is a nice contrast to that.

She-Ra Season 2 (Glimmer-She-Ra-Frosta-Bow-Perfuma-Mermista)
Photo Source: Netflix – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Outside the characters, the lore of the show and the expansion of Etheria is starting to unfold. Season one offered a little bit of the past but moving into season two, a decent sum of info about the past has set the stage for season three or so to be a knockout. Some of this new information implies a future journey that we are excited to see take place as the best friend squad sets out on adventure.

Having this kind of effort put into the world is one of the reasons we feel this show is only going to get better. As a reboot, we can expect a few details to be taken from the original show but its the differences the amazing staff are going to be bringing that has us guessing in the best possible ways.

We saw characters grow, priorities altered and fates change. We only received seven episodes this season, and season three will probably be no different, but after the cliff hanger we were left with fans couldn’t be more on edge. The fan theories, fan fics and fan art have built a wonderful community which makes the wait a little easier.

Thank you for reading and be sure to look back for our season three review some time in August. Like this post and please leave a comment with your feelings, theories or anything else related to the show. These last two seasons have been interesting and the show is only going to get more interesting as it progresses. Once again, thank you and be on the look out for more of our content this summer.

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