In the era of the digital revolution, online gaming went bigger than anyone could really imagine. From strategic video games such as World of Warcraft through one-man-show team play celebrated through Counter-Strike, even fantasy role-playing games moved their boards to the virtual reality, which is the new “hot place” where young people gather nowadays.

For some people, playing games is a lot more than fun and killing time. It is a way to connect to other youth internationally, make friends, learn how to solve problems, but also – to make big money. On average, a gamer can make from a thousand to $15.00 per hour. Wouldn’t we all like to know how?

Game Loot Network 2020

There are many ways for devoted geeks to earn money through games, even if the boomer generation doesn’t always understand these upcoming trends. For example, the Game Loot Network is the first real-rewards-based blockchain community, where the currency loot is used to purchase in-game products, but also to crowdfund millions of dollars for new games that are being developed. As part of the GLN, gamers make real money online, transferred to them as cryptocurrency, that players win in tournaments within the network.

How to earn money on Twitch?

Any kid can play games today and make money, and that’s not only via free slots and other gambling experiences. Twitch is a proven platform where online streamers can gain a lot of followers, and any talented high-school gamer can out himself through college by playing online games. There are different options for making an income via this website, such as:

  1. Donations. Viewers like to contribute to their favorite streamers via Patreon, PayPal, or other platforms.
  2. Product placement. As any other influencer, you can partner up with a gaming brand and promote them on your channel for compensation.
  3. Twitch Partner Program. When you gain a significant number of fans, Twitch will want to run in-stream adds on your channel. This way, both you and the platform generate regular income.

Where to play games online for free without downloading APP

Legendary games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Counter-Strike can be played online with no need to install or download anything. Epic tournaments in Counter-Strike should be your first thought when you wish to play free online games to earn money. International teams that reach the finale of this tournament are paid a fortune – the largest prize pool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament series in 2020 was a total of $1 million for the winners!

Another great news for all players is that due to Adobe Flash Player’s end-of-life on December 31, 2020, you can play all games, including top winning slot games and similar, without downloading any apps or extensions.

Earn money by testing games online

As a part of their customer experience efforts, prestigious gaming companies, but also new startups in the industry, have a team of players to test the games before they hit the market. As a member of the testing team, not only do you have first-hand access to the newest and coolest games out there, but you can also play and win real money as an employed gamer. Talk about a dream job, huh?

“Corporation master” how to do “super job” in gaming?

Not all games are make-money-games, and even to reach the best-paying job as a player, you need to bring your gaming skills to perfection. If you are dedicated to learning how to make money with online games, first of all, you gotta become the irreplaceable top-notch gamer for the popular game of your choice. 

Not all games pay-up via tournaments and adds, though. Corporation Master is a virtual economy mind-game that resembles with monopoly, only adapted to the contemporary context. The virtual currency you make within the game can be transferred into real pounds or dollars straight to your bank account. For brilliant, strategic minds, this is a way of exercising your business skills virtually, in a game and making a living of it.

Game for Fun, Earn for Real 

Are you the kind of person that would follow the sign playing games online free go here, as in a fairy tale, chasing exciting ways to spend your time and give your brain some teasers? Well, why not make some decent money if you are already being a gamer? From a bird’s perspective, there are two fun ways to make money online while playing – gaming and gambling. Which one are you? Check out the online slots reviews for comparison, and get used to loving your job and making thousands of pounds an hour just out of the fun.