Annalise has been semi dating her ex client, reluctantly. Frank is getting better, he’s able to work out now. Michaela has broken up with Gabriel and slept with Asher. That doesn’t deter him, he has picked up a new case and is planning to try it. Can you feel the tension? Uhhhhh, yeah! Asher gets the job of convincing the grandparents of their client to allow them to try their new case. Michaela feels that Gabriel is personally attacking her as revenge. But what can she do, Annalise has already decided to take this on and Gabriel is second chair.

Nate has finally given up on his investigation into Tegan. Actually they have now teamed up to sue the city. Tegan decides its time to tell Annalise about what they have decided to do and Annalise is afraid of how Bonnie will react. Why? Well, because we know that Miller was truly innocent and Nate beat him close to death and Bonnie finished the job. Bonnie is suicidal, that is how she came to be in Annalise’s world, she had a hard life. Annalise is afraid that Bonnie will kill herself if she knows the truth. But Nate informs her, that he and Tegan will file the suit without her. Annalise scares Tegan out of filing the suit, for now.

Things don’t go as planned for Gabriel on both fronts. He lost his case and Michaela came clean about sleeping with Asher. That being the true reason she broke up with him. Gabriel decides that he doesn’t care that she cheated, he still wants to be with her. Asher of course butts in and questions his feelings for Michaela. I wonder if its some guilt or regret on Asher’s part because he did break up with her for cheating on him. If he would have forgiven her maybe they would still be together and some anger for giving Gabriel the opportunity to be with her. Then again, she did send him mixed signals when she slept with him. Ha! I bet she finds a way to blame Annalise for it.

Nate has decided to file the law suit anyways. Everyone is against it, including Frank. Everyone also knows how bad of an idea it is. The Castillo’s are not to be played with. Xavier Castillo that is. We know that he almost killed Frank and is the one who has been in league with the Governor. Basically this lawsuit could get everyone killed. So it now begins. The beginning of the end. The Governor has Xavier looking into Bonnie’s life history. She wants to know everything. Obviously to use against her or to get her to drop the suit. This suit threatens to bring out the real truth about everything and why things have happened as they did. Who is really behind this grueling pursuit of Annalise? I can’t see what she did to rile up the governor. I mean was Nate Sr really that big of a deal? Or is there more to it than that and he was just collateral damage?

So now we wait. We are brought to the present and we see Oliver at the police station looking like he is in shock. So far all we know is that Michaela and Connor were arrested, looks like Connor had a panic attack and Michaela was freaking out. Connor decided to come clean to Oliver about what really happened with Sam Keating and his involvement. Before you know it, Oliver runs to the desk of the police officer screaming his confession of murder. And it cuts off.

Until next episode. We will get to see the havoc that this lawsuit is about wreak.