Nancy is still trying to solve two murders. The murder of Tiffany Hudson and the murder of Lucy Sable. Lucy seems to be a very active ghost and doing her best to help Nancy solve her murder. Tiffany, on the other hand, appears to have decided to trust Nancy, Nick, Ace, George, Bess and her sister Laura to solve her murder and move on.

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Lucy points Nancy towards something called the Velvet Mask. It has something to do with the Hudson’s and Mason’s. Nick has been following Owen around trying to figure out his angle and connection to the Hudson’s. Nancy goes straight to Owen himself and asks her questions. Owen isn’t very forthcoming but does ask Nancy out on a date. Meanwhile Ryan thinks someone is trying to kill him.

Ryan is flat broke and appears to maybe be haunted. Nancy agrees to retrieve some coins for Ryan so he will take her to the Velvet Masque. Something bad may have happened to Lucy at the Velvet Masque 20 years ago. Nancy intends to figure out what. To date she has been keeping the fact that she is haunted by Lucy to herself. This time she has to tell Nick and George. When Nancy returns it is just in time to see Ryan getting burned by Lucy.

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Nancy completed her part of the deal and stole the coins. Unfortunately, the were on a manifest that says they sank a number of years ago. Nick needs those coins to help solve Tiffany’s murder. When he tells this to Nancy she won’t help him because she is hell-bent on solving Lucy’s murder. Ryan upholds his end of the deal and takes Nancy to the Velvet Masque. Bess, George, and Nick manage to make it into the Velvet Masque as guests of Laura Tandy. They are there to steal the coins.

Owen finds Nancy at the masque and isn’t surprised. When Nancy asks about Lucy Owen isn’t very helpful. He asks about the coins. He says they are proof that the Hudson’s double-crossed his family. On a weird note, Nancy’s and Owen’s outfits complimented each other nicely. Owen was helpful in helping Nancy find the Pegasus. Nick confronts Nancy asking what is going on but of course, she is evasive. Once she finds the Pegasus, Nancy is rewarded with a “vision” of what took place when Lucy saw a particular indiscretion. Medusa not only found Lucy but she found Nancy too.

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Bess goes to steal the coins when the lights go out but not before getting a kiss. Once caught, Owen strangely vouches for them and makes them leave. Ryan runs into Lucy and follows. They kiss. Ryan see Lucy as she once was. When Nancy walks in on them she see her as she is now as a ghost. Ryan finally admits to knowing Lucy intimately.

What becomes of the coins? Will Bess get another juicy kiss? Does Owen get his date? Tune in next week for more on Nancy Drew. Til next week…