On the next episode of Snapped, featuring June Osborn. She is pissed that the Waterford’s will be set free. She shows up at the station anyways to handle some business. June has the option of making a statement and she gets some hard truths about her rapist being set free. What difference does her statement make? Nevertheless, she sees it through to the end and the mask is back.

June keeps having flashbacks of her time at the Waterfords. She is forever changed. It’s hard for all of them to get out of their Gilead habits. The final blow in all of this is that the Waterford’s are going to Geneva. They are going to be free to live their lives with a happily ever after. On top of getting all the assistance, they require to leave and raise their son together. Being free may prove to be a little more difficult than anticipated. Now, Serena Joy is showing her true colors and making demands. She wants a house and for people to call Fred Commander. The cop finally understands what June was trying to tell him. Serena plans to take their baby and live with Fred.

Emily and June have a heart to heart about Fred and she can’t let go of the fact that he will be free. She wants to be a family with Luke and Nichole but she can’t do it. She’s changed and she cannot go back to the person she was and cannot forgive what he did. She decides to go and visit him. They talk a while about Gilead and what happened at their house. He even apologizes to her about the loss of Hannah at one point because you see now he knows how it may feel. Since he’s about to be a father. Then the true Fred shows himself soon enough and June plays into that.

June decides she’s going to put Fred on the wall while she is driving back home with Luke. He is trying his best to normalize their lives but too much has changed and too much was done. He doesn’t know what to say or do with her anymore. June goes to see the cop, she wants to have a meeting with someone in Gilead. Commander Lawrence. June has offered Fred up on a platter back to Gilead. In exchange for Fred, Commander Lawrence will give them twenty-two women. It’s June’s turn to dangle the carrot. With that, it doesn’t look like Fred will be making his flight.

Back at the house Emily and June have a weird conversation about Fred that upsets Luke. He doesn’t like how they are talking about Fred who is now going to be free. June hasn’t let anything go and may have an extra plan in place. Little does he know, that he has been offered up on a platter. Fred learns he is not going to Geneva and he is arrested. Seems like those twenty-two women were more important than Fred. As he’s being arrested, June is leaving the house. Before she leaves, she turns back and takes a long look at her family. Maybe feeling like she is an outsider or feels like she knows things are about to change forever but she has to do what she has to do.

Fred learns he is being sent back to Gilead and that means harsh judgment and punishment. As he crosses the border he is met by Commander Lawrence. Next, as he continues on the bridge, he is met by Nick, and Fred is taken in by the eyes. Fear is evident. Fred tries to appeal to Nick and he is terrified. He still believes he can charm his way out of this situation. They stuff him in a van, drive for a while and come to a forest. They walk a bit and then there’s June. She tells Nick thank you but not before Fred begs Nick for help. June then holds out a gun and a knife and tells Fred to choose. He doesn’t think she’ll hurt him, but then she blows a whistle and help shows up. Fred runs for his life. As Emily and June chase him down. And the other victims of Gilead were in Moira’s group. They are pissed and want revenge. Fred Waterford is beaten to death in the forest Gilead style.

The irony of a beautiful sunrise in the forest as these traumatized women emerge from the forest covered in Fred Waterfords blood is surreal. All I keep thinking is why she didn’t wash the blood off and is she happy now that he is dead. What will happen to Serena now that her get out of jail free card is dead. Will the charges stand now that they have those twenty-two women? It ends with a severed finger and a bloody wedding ring.

June arrives home, covered in blood in the wee hours of the morning and she heads straight for Nichole’s room and picks her up. Luke wakes up and walks in on the sight and instantly drops to his knees in tears. He has truly and finally lost her. He accepts it now. And June spends a few minutes with Nichole before she takes off and Fred is dead. This is the end of season 4.