At the end of the last episode, Gretchen finally found the courage to tell Jimmy that his father had died. This episode deals with the fallout from that revelation, specifically, Jimmy’s grief (or lack of). You see, Jimmy doesn’t seem to be all that bothered by his father’s death. And really who could blame him? His father was a terrible man! However, Gretchen, on the advice of her therapist, knows that his sadness will eventually hit him, and she wants to be there when it does. So, she spends the episode trying to gently push Jimmy to feel something, by taking him on a “sadness tour.”

Beginning with crashing a funeral, the “sadness tour” takes Gretchen and Jimmy to a “paint your own pottery” studio and then to an English Pub. But it’s no use. Even when they stumble on a father berating his son, it backfires, as the son turns out to be a holy terror. It’s not until the couple returns home after the futile exercise that it sets in. Jimmy finds a piece of clothing that his dad left behind during his recent visit, and he breaks down. Unfortunately we immediately learn that he’s not breaking down because of his grief, he’s breaking down because he’s finally free of his terrible father.

Elsewhere, Lindsay is intent on being a good parent after seeing how much Jimmy hates his father. She doesn’t want her child to think of her as Jimmy thinks of his dad. So, she tags along with her sister to childbirth class, where, it turns out, she’s really good at the day today parenting tasks such as changing diapers and soothing her baby. All signs point to Lindsay being a good mom. However, she misinterprets signs from a dad who she meets in the shop. After he confides in her, she tries to kiss him. When he rebukes her, she runs away. Sadly, Lindsay may not be as ready to be a parent as we thought.

Finally, Edgar is not doing so well after giving up his PTSD medicine. He spends the majority of the episode drinking alone, ignoring calls from his friends.

So what did you think? Is Lindsay prepared to be a Mom? Is Jimmy really happy that his father is gone? Be sure to join us each week as we livetweet and re-cap You’re the Worst!