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Another Walking Dead Star Moves On. Is This The End of Negan?

Carl Grimes, Rick Grimes, Maggie Greene, Dwight, Morgan, Jesus, are just some of the names that have found themselves dead or away from The Walking Dead. Now another huge character, Negan, potentially could be off the show.

It’s pure speculation at this point, but what we do know for sure is the character that plays Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is going to reprise his role on episode 300 of the show Supernatural. I can’t say I know about the show much to be able to speak on it effectively, i know he is the father of Sam and Dean. Is this episode a one off episode for the character? Perhaps he is being brought back again full time, only time will tell and we don’t have enough information on that.

So what might that mean for Negan and the Walking Dead?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also known as Negan, contemplates a math problem with Judith, or perhaps my question. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Currently Negan is back at the Sanctuary, which we don’t know what that might actually mean for him. Does he have plenty of time to get the Saviors back in order off screen so he can film episodes of Supernatural? Absolutely, could he do it for a number of episodes? I would say in theory yes, as that is what the Maggie character is doing as Lauren Cohen is on Whisky Cavalier.

Could it mean an early departure for Negan? It’s very possible, he has had some arcs via the comics that have already passed, with Dwight and Maggie, but in the comics he does have a large arc with the Whisperers that could still come into play. It’s also extremely possible they find a new way to write him out of the script, maybe in some sort of way protecting Judith because of his previous like of Carl, and his respect to Rick for saving his life?

As of right now nothing is OFF the table, but I’m curious, and a bit sad to think that my favorite show could be losing one of my all time favorite characters in a role that he is best at. A borderline like able bad guy. I think the show for sure could use him for some heavy lifting against the Whisperers.

What do you think? Is the end of Negan near?


  1. I’m with you in that I hope this isn’t the end of Negan.

    I thought the show, at times, kept him too one dimensional. But all in all he was and is great fun in the most wicked of ways. I’m glad he’s out of that cell. I just hope he’s not leaving the show.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think Negan gives the show some real legitimacy that it needs right now.

      Also, how many shows pull off two major “enemies” that are out there at the same time? Get Negan and or the Saviors back and add in the Whisperers and I think that makes for good TV.

      1. I agree! And it adds so many possibilities to the mix. Will Negan be the nemesis once again? Will he do his own thing? Will he band together to take on the Whisperers?

        For the first time in a while, I can’t wait for WD to start up again.

      2. It does add so many possibilities and angles and it’s perfect to keep people guessing.

        I’m very excited to see how this next half season plays out, also heard the Faire is for sure going to happen.

        On the other hand I do like what Morgan brought to Fear the Walking Dead and I’m curious what Dwight adds to that show.

      3. We are, glad for it. I do thank you for your comments I don’t seem to get a lot of chatter at times and it’s great to know someone is reading.

        I think I’ll touche on the faire this week.

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