Just why are they trying to have Michaela’s character go through some developments? And I just know that somehow, some way that this interaction will somehow become Annalise’s fault. Michaela done lied to everybody and is stalking her father at one of his conferences while Gabriel tags along. She is supposed to working on a new case that the team has taken on. The case is irrelevant and just simply part of the background. Now, before Michaela skipped town with Gabriel, we has just a small glimpse of future tidings. Not much though, just some blood splatter and Connor having a panic attack.

Bonnie got fired from her job and is now working at C&G and she is snooping instead of doing her job. And she gives it Nate, who is jealous of Tegan or so I gathered. Yall know he don’t like her and she has never given him cause to dislike her except exist. But why would he be jealous, it is not as though him and Annalise are together now. They haven’t been an item since like season 2. It makes me wonder why he has it in for her. We may never learn, but as far as we know Tegan is good people and she is a hottie on top of it.

So the seek and destroy portion of Michaela’s attack didn’t go so well because she let her emotions take over and rule her actions. And it looks like Solomon knows what’s up. Gabriel looks shocked and appalled. He confronts Michaela, they have a fight and she throws him out. She then goes and sneaks into her dad’s hotel room. While all of this is going on, Asher thinks he has a date, Connor and Oliver have a threesome, and Annalise actually has a date.

Nate did find some information on Tegan after Bonnie swiped her divorce papers. Turns out Tegan used to work in Mexico for C&G. She did a favor for the Castillo’s and was paid for her troubles. From that Nate derived that Tegan somehow has some involvement in Laurel’s disappearance. He may be right. Bonnie semi confronts Tegan about the money using her divorce settlement as bait. But it ends up being a dead end. Tegan doesn’t want the money and we may never find out what she did for Jorge Castillo.

Asher’s date turns out to be his sister, just looking to talk. But remember they disowned him after all the mess came out about his dad. She wants him to meet up with their mom and help her. I wouldn’t help her do one single thing. She could have kissed my grits. Asher doesn’t do that though. Michaela has a sit down with her father and she plans on grilling him as we can see and then Franks turns up bloodied and beaten on Bonnie’s doorstep. That’s about the gist of it. Not much progression from the last episode. In between all the chaos are the cases they’re working on at C&G, which is the source of Annalise’s fine new love interest.