Life was fast before the pandemic. With the economy slowing down to accommodate the given guidelines on how to prevent the spread of the virus, the pace has reduced. This has left people with more time to spend with friends and family. In this period, there has been a global fuss as people attempt to find things to do for fun while social distancing. This birthed the banana bread movement, dance challenges, and many other things. 

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While riding the wave of activities is fun and helps you stay connected with the world, you will need more options. The online world has provided alternatives such as gambling, live concerts, and video chat. Here are some other exciting things you can do during the quarantine. 

  1. Binging on Movies and Television Shows

This is the best time to catch up on the shows you missed. Find something that has many episodes, so that your social fun isn’t cut short or ruined by a show that leaves the plot hanging soon after you start watching it. You should also consider watching old movies and reminiscing. Thanks to technology and the innovation happening in the viewing world, you can pick a movie that you watched at the cinema with friends and host a watch party. 

  1. Play Games

If you have board games at home, plan a family game night. Ensure to go all out with snacks and if possible, a prize for the winner. The latter will increase competitiveness, in turn, making the game more fun. 

In case you don’t have readily available games, don’t fret; there are thousands of casino games you can choose from. The versatility of your options allows everyone to pick a game that aligns with their interest, which makes the experience better. 

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You can also alleviate your gaming by finding games based on the movies; this will help you interact with your favourite characters, and join them on their adventure. This is available for slot players to play titles such as TED, and The Dark Knight Rises.

While many platforms will give you access to the games, picking one to play on, is a crucial determiner of the kind of experience you get. The best way to ensure that you end up on the right casino is to read reviews, go through the customer experience feedback, or explore the sites to gauge the quality of each aspect. 

All these will help you get a clear picture, but it might take time. As such, if you are looking to reduce the work, you should consider reading detailed reviews. On, you get all the information you need about numerous online Australian casinos, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. 

3. Streaming

Most times, the idea of falling into an internet rabbit hole would feel like wasting time, but now, it is different. Everything, from concerts to forums, is happening online, and it is time to explore as much as you want. 

Look for digital events that appeal to you; they could be academic, general conversations, music concerts, and what have you. Streaming shows and events allow you to watch as many as you want. If you are up for it, you could dress up, get a few drinks, and dance along to live concerts. 

Those who enjoy visiting museums and art shows can access digital tours from all around the world; this is a cheap way to travel. The good thing with this is that there is no wait-line or crowding at specific points. 

4. Prepare a Meal

Cooking might not sound like a fun thing to do for many people, but some find a form of relaxation in focusing all their efforts on a meal. You can go through your favorite food content creator’s page and find a recipe you have always wanted to try. 

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Be open to making mistakes and working through perfecting the execution. This process allows you to learn something new, which means you get a sense of accomplishment, with the reward of a delicious meal. 

5. Read a book

Reading is a way of experiencing alternate realities. This makes this one of the best fun activities to do during quarantine when you need an escape. Pick a book based on what you enjoy, and how many you have access to. For avid readers who struggle with buying new books before getting through those they already have, this is an excellent time to catch up. 


All these activities are not only fun but also a way to take care of yourself. Switching up your self-care routine through ideas such as meditation, journaling, gambling, video chats, and streaming, you build up anticipation for these activities. This way, you will never miss a day. Fortunately, most of these fun quarantine activities can be your source of inspiration for the necessary self-care activities. For instance, movies inspire journaling and vice-versa.