As we enter the tail end of the summer it would only be right to look back on the game that took the gaming world by storm last month.

Fall Guys follows the recent trend of battle royale games where a group of players are dropped on a map and have to eliminate everyone else until only one is left standing. Since PUBG a lot of games have used this format to varying success, see Fortnite, and third person battle royale shooters are the current ‘mode du jour’.

Fall Guys though takes this concept in another direction. Players take control of cute jelly bean figures and compete against 59 others in a series of obstacle courses that are both individual and team based. After each round players are eliminated until the final round where one player is crowned the winner.

fall guys 1

PHOTO SOURCE: Fall Guys, Mediatonic

The game is fairly simple as there are few controls (run, jump, dive and grab) but the levels can be very chaotic and sometimes unpredictable. There is a bit of strategy involved in some of the mini games including one where you have to travel across a set of tiles with a hidden path to the finish. The rest of the tiles fall underneath you but the only way to find out if its safe is to stand on them. This is countered with a level where its simply a race to the finish but giant pieces of fruit are thrown randomly on to the track knocking over players: pure mayhem.

A lot of the charm of the game also comes from the design. The levels are bright and colorful and everything has a candy like quality to it. The jelly beans are plain white but you can customize them almost endlessly with different colored skins and outfits. There are some creative combinations and the more you play the more you unlock.

The game has sold more than seven million copies on Steam and while Sony hasn’t revealed official numbers, Playstation UK recently tweeted that Fall Guys is the most downloaded game from the Playstation Plus Store. A lot of Twitch streamers are playing it lately and the game was even featured in a Twitch Rivals tournament. But in general it’s loads of fun and easily accessible to even non-gamers.

So what do you guys think, are you obsessed with this game? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!