Horror has a way of illuminating a different type of beauty. The dark lines and striking porcelain contrast make way for an artistic experience. These aspects give the sense of a longing, lonely existence. DARQ, a psychological horror game on Steam, uses these techniques to create an atmosphere like no other. Unfold Games knows their graphics are elegant and seductive and they use it to their advantage. Many would describe them similar to Tim Burton’s art style however, DARQ has a style all their own.

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Source: Unfold Games

DARQ is a story about a boy named Lloyd who is in a deep dream, unaware of his surroundings, which quickly turns into a disturbing nightmare. His demons are highly powerful and there is no way Lloyd can defeat them via brute strength alone. Using stealth and intelligence, Lloyd must navigate the treacherous terrain if he ever hopes to make it out alive. The puzzles nestled within this dreamworld include portions that challenge physics and defy the rules of the land. The most anticipated elements also include the finding of hidden objects, interacting with characters and the creep factor. Overall DARQ has the ability to become the best indie game of 2019 and I haven’t even gotten to the musical talent.

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DARQ prides itself on the musical aspect of the journey and it shows. This power team consists of Wlad Marhulets, Adam Schmidt, and Bjørn Jacobsen. For those don’t keep up with the musical news, Marhulets is a musical composer and conductor that is best known for his work on The Giver and Hitman: Agent 47. Schmidt, musical engineer, is best known for his albums Demolition and Yellow Pills while Jacobsen, sound designer, is recognized for his work on popular video games including the Hitman series and Eve: Valkyrie.

Usually the games I find to share with the world are found by accident and DARQ was no exception. I was goofing around on Reddit, trying to kill sometime, when I found a post entitled, “I rejected 12 offers from major publishers to make this game the way I wanted it to be”. Being the curious girl, I am I had to check out this game and I must admit, I was blown away. The lines are crisp, and the storyline is unique while the creator clearly has passion and drive. I can’t imagine it being created in any other way and I am thankful that Unfold Games stuck to their guns to make a stunning and inimitable product. With DARQ in my Steam Wishlist, I look forward to its release later this year and hope to see more games like it in the future.

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