A New Gem!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to sit down and truly enjoy a new video game. I have found myself in a cycle of watching television and Youtube videos that just seemed hard to shake. However, something possessed me to peruse Steam’s demo collection, and man, I found a gem worth sharing with all of you; Garden Story.

Source: Garden Story’s Steam Page

What is Garden Story?

Garden Story is an indie adventure RPG centered around Concord, the cutest grape around who’s also the Guardian of the Grove. Concord is the youngest adventurer ever to hold this title; however, with the help of his friends Gala, the apple, and Rana, the frog, he knows he can conquer anything! The job of the Guardian? To restore the island, of course! This trio must defeat the Rot plaguing the town, recreate community ties, and restore peace to their vibrant home. Gamers can find Garden Story on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Adventure Awaits!

Players will find a variety of tasks to complete, whether it’s finishing up the main storyline or completing quests for kind strangers. There are four distinct regions to explore, adorably named after the seasons, and a plethora of creatures to meet, including fruit, fungi, and frogs. If exploring isn’t your scene, there are plenty of puzzles that need solving and evil Rot that must be squashed. There’s also exciting equipment that can be upgraded, such as a pick or dowsing rod. For the more relaxed gamer, there is even gardening, gathering of resources, rebuilding of structures, and a library that’s desperately in need of books. There’s a little something for everyone in Garden Story.

First Impressions?

When I first downloaded the demo for Garden Story, I was immediately hit with the most relaxing music I have ever heard. Along with graphics reminiscent of Stardew Valley, I knew I was in for a treat. I enjoyed meeting unique villagers, even if many seemed like they had no faith in Concord and slaying evil purple blogs of Rot. Overall, Garden Story was fun, and I’m looking forward to adding the full version to my Steam library!