The Provisional Licensing Exam ends in My Hero Academia, but all is not well. Season 3 of MHA continues to show the development of Class 1-A while also expanding upon the villain characters. “A Talk About Your Quirk” dropped more than a few bombs this week, revealing to fans that the story is far from over.

Spoiler Alert! The following will contain spoilers from My Hero Academia episode 59 “What’s the Big Deal?” 🚨 You have been warned 🚨!

How Class 1-A Fared In Provisional License Exam

Most in Class 1-A passed the exams, except for its two strongest fighters. Todoroki and Bakugō lost too many points, falling below the cutoff line. But it doesn’t mean they’re done for. They’ll be expected to take an extra class, which upon passing will reward them with their provisional license.

Scores ranged from barely passing to exceptional. Midoriya scored average and might not have passed if the HUC worker hadn’t clued him into what needed to be done during the rescue operations. Seeing Deku gushing over his license, however, is priceless.

Inasa (Mr. bold and sensitive) and Todoroki are content with the results and plan to excel during their special class. Both are aware of where they went wrong and politely apologized for messing things up to one another. Bakugō, however, still has beef.

Bakugō Challenges Deku For A Rematch

Manga fans know what is coming, and we’re all stoked to see a rematch between Bakugō and Midoriya. It took Mr. grumpy pants a little longer than expected, but Bakugō finally knows how Deku got his Quirk.

And the only way he knows how to resolve the issue, in his mind, is to fight it out. According to manga readers, the fight is one for the ages.

What remains to be seen, however, is what Bakugō will do following the events of their rematch. If he blows Deku’s secret, it could have tons of negative implications on U.A. and the Hero origination.

As an anime-only myself, the writing leading up to this shocking moment is spectacular. Just when the tension subsides, more problems arise.

Shocking Camie Reveal

Midoriya gets a tip regarding Camie’s supposed Erase Presence Quirk from Nagamasa Mora but doesn’t put the pieces together, yet. Camie is not who she says she is, as she’s really Himiko Toga. Toga’s Quirk allows her to impersonate anyone whom she draws blood from. What happened to the real Camie, is still in question.

Continuing her work with the League of Villains, Himiko not only impersonated Camie but was also able to retrieve a drop of blood from Midoriya. For our beloved heroes, this is not good news.

All Might And All For One Convo

Portrayed as a backdrop to all the other events in “A Talk About Your Quirk,” the conversation between All Might and All For One is super important. Locked up in a super prison cell, All For One breaks down how him and All Might are similar. Both are driven the same way, just on opposite sides of the spectrum.

All For One might be incapacitated for the moment but he’s made sure Tomura Shigaraki is ready to carry on with his plans. Much like Midoriya is taking over for All Might. Shigaraki’s drawn first blood (literally), leading to what should be an epic showdown between the next generation of heroes and villains.

A Talk About Your Quirk Review

Overall, this week’s episode lacked action but contained plenty of buildups. The humor was on point (as always) and the dialog well written. Whatever action was missing from “A Talk About Your Quirk,” will likely be made up for in the next couple of episodes.

I’m excited to see the big rematch between Deku and Bakugō, and what happens after the fight is over. In addition, future scenes showing Ms. Jokes class and Class 1-A pairing up to train should also prove extremely interesting, especially after the Camie reveal.

The best scene of the week goes to All Might. Him flipping his cape and declaring to All For One that Shigaraki won’t bring him or Midoriya down was chilling. Plus, we can’t count out the adorableness of Deku gushing over his license.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of My Hero Academia? Who do you think will win the fight between Deku and Bakugō? No spoilers, please, for those who haven’t read the manga. Let us know in the comments and remember, stay Plus Ultra!