God, I love binge-watching.  There’s something seriously fun about cramming down multiple episodes of a fun series all at once, one of the best ways the 21st century has for a pop culture nerd to enjoy TV and movie series.  Enough of waiting another week/ month/year / multi-year for new episodes let’s watch them all at once!

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the 65 episodes of Breaking Bad in a bingepile of watching over a 2-week period.  Since I seemed to have been too busy to catch the show when it was actually first on, I came to it with low expectations.  Over the five seasons I have watched so far, it has been a real revelation how the show creators, writers, directors, actors and assorted crew managed to hold things going pretty well over the thousands of minutes running time for the show.

One of the fun things about watching the adventures of Walter White, high-school chemistry teacher turned meth lab cook, and his erstwhile partner Jesse Pinkman, minor league criminal turned thoughtful pro-criminal, is to see the really creative ways Walt figured out how to MacGyver his way out of his current crisis.

Here are my Top 5 Walter White – Breaking Bad inventions:

  • Fire Crystals, made from Fulminated Mercury, explosive crystals used to fend off drug enforcers.
  • Homemade Battery, to get the Crystal Ship drug Winnebago up and running with a dead battery.
  • Thermite Bomb, cobbled together from the insides of some kind of Etch-A-Sketch toys, to melt the security lock of a drug warehouse for needed supplies.
  • Ricin Poison, made from castor beans, a James Bond type of undetectable assassination drug.
  • Remote-Control Pipe Bomb, an assassination device that can be run from a walkie-talkie and/or a hotel bell switch.

This is a pretty cool list of the great ways the Walt managed to figure out how to keep ahead of the criminals he had to be involved with to keep his criminal empire running – yay science!