This year, Jane the Virgin kicked it up a notch in terms of crazy telenovela twists, but we had some storylines that started to feel super stale by the end, making me happy that the season came to a close. I still enjoyed it very much each week. Maybe I was just ready for the end because I’m so #TEAMRAF it’s insane, and everything was Jane + Michael 5ever, but let’s break it down into categories and look at the season as a whole.


As in any telenovela, we need some crazy, out-there, damage causing villains.

Sin Rosetro took a back seat this season (until the very end…) to Mutter and Derek, but they still remained very much a B/C plot–really only concerning Michael and Rafael, so how are we supposed to be really scared of them if they haven’t done much damage?

One villain who was actually scarier than Mutter this season was Paola/Lola. Remember her? It’s okay if your memory’s a little murky; this has been an eventful season. She’s the one who pretended to be Rogelio’s assistant, then locked him in his apartment and almost committed a murder suicide. If it hadn’t been for Michael swooping in and saving the day, we might’ve lost our favorite telenovela star!

Finally, a latecomer to the season, was Anezka. I’d always sort of expected something was shady with her. Just because it’s Jane the Virgin, and an evil twin trope is more interesting than a meek, seizure-prone twin. While she didn’t emerge as a villain until the very end of the season, I can say with full confidence that we should be very afraid of what this crazy bitch may do. We’re also not completely sure of what her intentions are, and with Magda involved, you know it’s gotta be intense.


What a love roller coaster it’s been this season, amirite? I can’t be the only one who was sick of the Michael-Jane-Rafael triangle, so when Michael went off the map for a while at the beginning of the season I was pretty happy. PSYCH. He came right back. But before he recaptured Jane’s heart, she and Rafael crashed and burned (I don’t even want to talk about it), and she even did some casual dating. The problem is, Jane just isn’t a casual dater, and she isn’t capable of a casual hookup either (looking at you, Professor Jonathan). And even though I’m this big talker saying I’m sick of love triangles, I was devastated the second half of the season when Jane and Michael were all googly eyed for each other and she completely shut the door on Rafael. It honestly felt like they never even dated…like her feelings for him were all pregnancy hormones. So how are #TEAMRAF fans supposed to go on? Are we just supposed to let go?

Xiomara and Rogelio had a bumpier ride than Jane when it came to love this season. They were together, and then they broke up, then they hooked up, and they broke up again. All the while, it’s obvious these two are still crazy about each other. The problem? Ro wants kids, Xo doesn’t.


Not only did Mateo steal every scene he was in as the literal cutest baby in the entire world, but we also got to see the birth of Elsa and Anna (in one of the best episodes of the season, might I add). The twins brought out a new side of Petra, one filled with insecurity, which also made her a bit more human. Anna and Elsa also helped Rafael and Petra grow back together…not completely romantically. She refused him, because she doesn’t want to be his second choice (YAAS PETRA). They became a team–in many ways, they’re perfect for each other, but he still loves Jane.




Going into next season, here’s what we need to worry about:

  1. Is Michael actually dead? Maybe the bullet hit right above any vital organs. How is the Marbella going to handle MORE BAD PRESS?
  2. WTF is Anezka’s plan here? Should we be worried for anyone’s life?
  3. Related to that…will Petra wake up? The doctor’s diagnosis wasn’t promising.
  4. How will the fact that Xiomara’s pregnant (with Esteban’s baby?) affect her relationship with Rogelio next season? Is it safe to assume she’ll get an abortion?

Overall, it was an eventful season and it kept me hooked. Jane and Michael aren’t my fave, but the fact that I still wanted to watch even with them being all lovey-dovey means the entire plot was strong enough to keep me interested.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 nerd glasses