The bad news comes after the first round of comics DC plans to end in October. The first round consisted of Batgirl, Batman and The Outsiders, and Justice League Odyssey.

With this first set it may or may not include the Aquaman comic series. GamesRadar has reported that longtime writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick, confirms her exit on Aquaman #65 to be released in November. DeConnick has joined the Aquaman series back in 2018. As of writing this, there has yet to be confirmation from DC whether or not Aquaman will be continued.

The second round of cancellations are as follows:

  1. Teen Titans (Final comic #47)
  2. Young Justice (Final comic #20)
  3. Suicide Squad (Final comic #11)
  4. Hawkman (Final comic #29)
  5. John Constantine: Hellblazer (Final comic #12)

Gamesradar also reported that Teen Titans will be the longest-running out of the others in this round.

The reason for these cancellations comes, “just after DC underwent sweeping editorial and executive changes, including multiple layoffs of longtime staffers,” according to Gamesradar. The layoffs and changes were also reported by Comicbook.

While the layoffs and changes are due to the restructuring at Warner Bros., parent company, due in part by COVID-19. Gamesradar reports that third of the staff was laid off. Gamesradar and Comicbook both report the list of some well-reported individuals that were laid off:

  1. Bob Harras (Editor-in-chief)
  2. Jim Lee (from publishing role to now liaison between DC and brands that fall under Warner Media)
  3. Mark Doyle (editor)
  4. Brian Cunningham (editor)
  5. Andy Khouri (editor)
  6. Jonah Weiland (VP of marketing)
  7. Hank Kanalz (senior VP)
  8. Bobbie Chase (VP of global publishing initiatives and digital strategy)

August 22 is the launch of DC FanDome, a massive online event (like a convention). The digital convention is supposed to show sneak peeks (like the new Suicide Squad game) and previews for upcoming DC related movies and TV shows (like the new Batman movie). This event is free to access and split into two events (1 pm ET/10 AM PT).

Young Justice #20 (Card stock variant cover) (Credit: DC)
Young Justice #20 (Credit: DC)