A beloved fan favorite died this week on Scream Queens and I’m not so sure it was the right move for the show to make. If anything, they just killed off one of the last redeeming factors left to them.

I’m just going to say it. Scream Queens is not good this season. I’ve given it 3 episodes so far and something just isn’t clicking this year.

So far, it has become the one thing a comedy should never, ever be. Boring.

I adored season 1. It was bad, but in a way that still made me laugh and quote the show constantly. It was dumb, but still managed to shove across a couple worthy messages.

This season just seems to trying so very hard to recapture the magic of last year, and its just not working.

What worked last year?

  • Denise constantly blaming Zayday for every murder and problem.
  • Chad and Chanel OG being horrible and shallow to one another and some how still staying together.
  • Hester acting weird as hell.
  • Everyone putting down Chanel #5 all the time.

The show seems to take these and many more bits that worked so well, and instead of evolving them and making them work again in a different situation, they just copy and pasted them to a new setting with almost no change, and that’s not working.

I’m still going to watch, and I’ll try not to be a downer about it. I truly hope the show kicks into gear so and grabs my attention back.

The Case of the Week was guest star Cheri Oteri popping by with spontaneous and constant orgasm. As much as that might not seem like a problem to you or I, it was causing enough trouble in her life to want to get this fixed.

Taylor Lautner and Chanel #3 were the ones to solve the case by figuring out that the yoga pose she was in screwed with her spine or something.

As the past two weeks have already proven, as soon as she is cured, she is beheaded by the Green Meanie.

Could they seriously not think up a better name for this thing?

Dean Munsch is convinced that the killer is doing this out of revenge for that couple from 30 years ago. Either the wife, whos husband was thrown into the swamp, or their child.

This ruled out previous suspect John Stamos and his killer hand. Chad had brought forth proof that since his hand used to belong to a serial killer, obviously he was the killer.

The love triangle between John Stamos, Chanel, and Chad was put on hold this week when Chad decided to propose to Chanel with a 1000 pg prenup and girl couldn’t have be happier.

Which brings me to the tragedy of the week.

The Murder of Chad Radwell.

I’m genuinely sad that he is dead. He was one of the funniest parts of the show thus far and he will  be dearly missed.

R.I.P bro


Source: Scream Queens // FOX

His death does prove to be the first non patient death this season, however I wouldn’t rule out John Stamos as a suspect for this particular death.

Submitted by Jean Lueck