Tis the season for sweaters! We’ve collected twenty of the top sweaters from fandoms such as Rick and Morty, Legend of Zelda, Bob’s Burgers and more! You’ll want to gift these (or give these) awesome sweaters to a nerd on your holiday list! Let us know which one is your favorite!

STAR WARS: May the Cheer BB-8 With you Knitted Unisex Christmas

May the puns be with you with this BB-8 sweater! In maroon highlighting a round BB-8 droid, this sweater is just in time for the Star Wars: Last Jedi release!  Complete with elbow, wrist and waist festive poinsettia design, this sweater is ready to roll out!  This is the droid you’re looking for this Holiday season!
Sizes:  XS-XXXL
Price: $59.99

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Wonder Woman: Winter Wonder-land Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper

Feel absolutely Wonder-full in this awesome Wonder Woman ugly Christmas sweater! With it’s costume inspired details, it makes a classy yet clear Wonder Woman statement. With clear and iconic “W” pattern, you too can feel like the Amazonian hero herself! For lady and gent fans, this sweater is unisex.
Price: $54.99

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Legend of Zelda: O Hyrule-y Night Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this Legend of Zelda Hyrule Christmas Jumper! In hero’s green with fair isle Hylian detail, it should be a hit with any hero of time! Featuring the Triforce in Skyward Sword style, it is highlighted with mini Triforces below. Give this to your hero for Christmas, and perhaps they’ll embark on a hero’s quest!
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $56.99

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Batman: Christmas in Gotham Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper

Don’t spend Christmas sulking around your bat-cave when you could be partying in this Bat Signal sweater! Highlighting a Gotham skyline complete with batmobile, you’ll be looking extra dapper! Fair isle design highlights festive poinsettia, snow, and bat symbols on this unisex sweater.
Size: S-XXL
Price: $54.99

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Star Trek TOS Sweater

Go where no man has ever gone before with this Star Trek sweater! The Enterprise takes center stage in this comfy knit sweater from Middle of Beyond. Complete with Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty pixelated reliefs, this sweater is literally out of this world. With phaser and Starfleet insignia, this sweater is ready to be beamed up, Scotty!
Price: 84.99

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Alien Movie Xenomorph Sweater

Don’t go exploring strange planets! Stay inside with this one of a kind film inspired Aliens Ugly Christmas Sweater! Featuring a Xenomorph in profile framed with eggs and chest bursters, this creepy sweater sends a statement to your relatives! Fair isle details make this Middle of Beyond sweater an absolutely stunning piece for any Horror and Holiday fan!
Price: $84.99

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Gremlins Sweater

Photo Source: Middle of Beyond

Make sure not to get this sweater wet, or feed it after midnight! This holiday Gremlins sweater features Gizmo front and center with his after midnight relations! Give the mischievous Gremlin in your life a sweater to match complete with individualized Gremlins causing trouble in fair isle fashion!
Price: $85.99

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Stranger Things Ugly Holiday Sweater – Boxlunch Exclusive

Photo Source: Box Lunch

Your friends will be jealous (and totally won’t lie to you about how cool this is!) of you in your new Stranger Things sweater! Complete with Season One cast, this sweater highlights the black, white and red theme complete with gang silhouetted in white, as is Will and the Demogorgon in the Upside Down. This knit holiday sweater promises to impress!
Price: $59.90

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Bob’s Burgers Ugly Holiday Sweater – Box Lunch Exclusive

Photo Source: Box Lunch

Tis the season for family! Maybe not your own, but for somebody out there! Enjoy this acrylic knit sweater in black, white and red highlighting the Belcher children. Enjoy the detailed burger and ketchup design encircling the Burger family, complete with family slogan! Complete with fair isle snow and cross patterns, this sweater will be a hit with the family!
Size:XS – XXL
Price: $59.90

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Woman’s Rick and Morty Happy Human Holiday Ugly Christmas Sweater

Have a Happy Human Holiday in this unisex Rick and Morty sweater! Sure to leave any Rick and Morty fan impressed! With this macabre front to back fair isle design depicting Rick Sanchez’s encounters with Santa Claus, this sweater will be a hit on Earth C-137!
Price: $59.95

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Ripple Junction Doctor Who Tardis and the Sonic Printed Fleece

Hop inside this TARDIS blue sweater, and join the Doctor on an adventure! Wrapped in this sweater you’ll be ready for an out of this world adventure. Electric screwdrivers frame a single question mark representing the doctor’s enigmatic presence. It’s not bigger on the inside, so be sure to order your normal size!
Price: $51.95

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Fresh Tees Let It Snow Jon Snow Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

You’ll be experiencing a snowy winter with this Jon Snow sweatshirt! This sweater is unisex, so all of Westeros can enjoy this festive sweater too. Pair it with a Tyrion Lannister sweater or a Hodor sweater to get the whole gang together! Just south of the wall, you’re sure to need it!
Size: S-XXXL
Price: $24.99

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Marvel Men’s Deadpool Sweater

Give it your maximum effort with this festive Deadpool sweater! A machine washable 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, it’s almost as good as Corinthian leather!  With fair isle poinsettia, tree and snowflake design this sweater is sure to please the anti-hero in your life!
Price: $23.24

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DC Comics Batman Men’s Superman Logo Ugly Christmas Sweater With LED Lights

Only kryptonite can stop you in this Superman Ugly Christmas Sweater! Feel like the man of steel in this uniform-inspired sweatshirt complete with iconic logo. Festive lights tangle around the logo, complete with fair isle detail of tree and diamond design. This DC Comic sweatshirt is sure to be a hit with your Lois Lane!
Price: $29.99

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Pokemon Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirts Eevee Evolutions Hoodies Sweatshirts

Gotta catch ‘em all eeveelution sweater is the best gift for your indecisive pokemon lover out there! Do they love a fire type, but also a grass type? Give them this multi-element repping sweater to cover most of their bases! Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Iceon and Sylveon all make their appearance on this plush pullover hoodie! Complete with pokeballs, you only need to catch all 793 left!
Price: $32.99

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Jurassic World T Rex Logo Red Ugly Christmas Sweater

Photo Source: Walmart

Life finds a way in this holiday Jurassic World sweater! Fair isle details of DNA and dinosaur skulls frame this graphic detail complete with park logo! Feel like part of the Jurassic Park crew with this festive sweater. Can a holiday sweater be this historic? You bet Jurassic can!
Size: S-XXXL
Price: $9.95

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Happy Christmas Harry Potter Inspired

You can Accio this amazing Harry Potter sweater for the nerd in your life! With pixel Harry, Ron and Hermione framed with post carrying owls and a cheery message, this sweater is a win for all Witches and Wizards. Snitches, brooms and wizards hats all make appearances on this beautiful Gryffindor red sweater and bring cheerful snowflakes to add a Christmas flair.
Size: S-XXL
Price: $33.06

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Fallout Happy Holidays Christmas Jumper/ Ugly Sweater

Get ready to survive a nuclear winter with this Vault Boy Happy Holidays sweater! Complete with post-apocalyptic trees and poinsettia designs, this sweatshirt can serve as a reminder of the home you left behind when Vault-Tec froze you for over two centuries! Ahem… Bring some cheer to the wastelands with this sweater, today!
Size: XS-XL
Price: $24.95

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Men’s Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Faces Ugly Sweater Sweatshirt

Do you feel that there is something in the wind? This fair isle sweater features Jack silhouetted by the moon followed by his faithful companion better. This sweater is super soft 100% polyester, giving you a warmth to keep your bones nice and toasty! With fair isles of jack’s many animated expressions and Lock, Shock & Barrel, this sweater is sure to bring Halloween in December!
Size: S-XXL
Price: $37.69

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Official Classic Sonic Christmas Jumper/Ugly Sweater

Go for the gold (rings, that is) with his Merry Christmas fair isle sweater featuring everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog! With pixel tree lines and golden rings, you can see your way to the finish line with this sweater! Unisex design and one hundred percent knit, enjoy this sweater all season long!
Price: $49.99

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