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The American Gods panel was exciting for so many reasons. Fans all around of been clamoring for any kind of news since filming was announced and Comic Con delivered!

The first big surprise of the night was with Kristin Chenoweth walked on stage to be announced as the Goddess of Easter!

Now I’ve already seen a couple complaints, since in the book Easter was well described as ‘curvy’. And I get it, but can you really think of any other actress on the planet that could capture the essence of bright and happy Easter as well and Chenoweth? We’re in good hands here folks.

For anyone who hasn’t read the book, just know it is a trippy, crazy and creepy ride. The panel started off perfectly by having to blank faced, terrifying Easter bunnies on either side of Author Neil Gaiman, who was hosting the panel, It set the tone perfectly.

-Director David Slade, addressed the the fact that for a long time this book was seen as unadaptable. He said it worked as they broke the book down, post-it not by post -it note, as well as while they are staying true the the novel, they are also putting their own spin on things. Co-showrunner Michael Green said

“It’s also nice if you’re stuck that you can send an email to the author for advice.”

  • Gaiman has been very involved with the entire casting process. When talking to Starz initially the one thing he was very adamant about was keeping true to the “racial makeup of the characters the same.”
  • Talking about the audition process for the actors, Ricky Whittle, who will play Shadow Moon had to try out 16 times! He really earned the roll. To get Ian McShane all they had to do was call. The script must have been impressive because McShane stated that he wasn’t ever doing TV again until he read it.
  • While describing their characters Chenoweth had the best reply,

“Easter is very, very pissed that Jesus took her holiday.”

-Talking about whether fans need to read the book or not, Bryan Fuller was adamant that, while you should read it because it is excellent, the show will take care of fans old and new. Gaiman added that book readers will have quite a few surprises in store for them as well.

  • Also confirmed is the Coming to America stories that were sprinkled through out the book, much to the pleasure of fans everywhere.
  • Gaiman also made a sly remark that a sequel book is looking more and more likely everyday.


Now, check out the the perfectly amazing trailer that was also released at the panel. If you had any reservations about this show, they shall be erased. Everyone and everything looks supremely magnificent and I can not wait until 2017!

Article Submitted By Jenn Lueck