Hey everyone! iZombie is shuffling into it’s third season, and we at TGON decided to gather up the most important things that the panel and cast had to say at San Diego Comic Con!

  • In an interview with Loot Crate, Rahul Kohli (Ravi) stated that there would be a serious love triangle between Peyton, Ravi, and Blaine.
  • During the Panel, it was announced that Liv would be eating the brains of a Dominatrix. Not only that, but there would be an interesting dynamic where Liv eats the brains of a dad, and Major eats the brains of the belligerent teenage daughter – Ultimately producing a hilarious role reversal between the two, despite the way the description sounds.

-Newcomer Andrea Savage, (Vivian Stoll) who ended the second season on a very dramatic note, is apparently NOT the big bad villain of season 3.

The second season left us with a ton of questions and it seems the 2016 SDCC panel only added more. Will Major lose his memory just like Blaine did? Will Ravi find a true cure in time? Who is this Vivian Stoll woman? And if she isn’t the big bad villain…who is? I guess we’ll have to find other things to watch, and try not to die from impatience while we wait on Season 3 to arrive and produce answers!