We’ve arrived! The final day of E3 predictions with Nintendo closing out the press conferences. Well, I guess we can’t really call what Nintendo does a conference anymore as they’ve long changed that format for the Nintendo Treehouse live stream. This stream is also going to be around 30 minutes long, so either there will be a rapid fire of games or not a lot will be shown. My bet knowing Nintendo? The latter. Let’s get into it!

Obvious Stuff:

Super Mario Odyssey


Source: Nintendo/ Super Mario Odyssey

This is easily the big game of the show. We got a fair amount of footage from it back at the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January, but I’m expecting a lot more here. The game is scheduled to be playable on the show floor, so fans will be able to get hands-on as well. As of now, we only know the game is due out late 2017, so I’m sure a release date will be nailed down here. I’m ready for Mario in New Donk City and so should you.

Splatoon 2


Source: Nintendo/ Splattoon 2

The next two entries are me taking into account how Nintendo rolls, so bear with me if you don’t agree. We’ve gotten more than enough coverage on Splatoon 2, there have even been the Test Fire periods where you could play the game, so why would we see more? Nintendo just likes to remind everyone what is coming out and since Splatoon 2 will be arriving just a month after E3 on July 21st, they’ll want eyes on this one.



Source: Nintendo / Arms

Arms is an interesting case and I might very well be wrong on this, but like I said, Nintendo likes to remind people of games that are coming out and this one drops the week of E3 on Friday June 16th. I’m sure a big push will be made for the title here and loads of playable demos will be available on the floor. I don’t really think Nintendo should worry though as it’s not like there are a lot of other titles on the Switch thus far, so I’m sure people are more than ready to buy anything new.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon


Source: Nintendo / Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Another one I should probably take out of the obvious category as I’m not so sure anymore. There was a Nintendo Direct earlier in the week that was solely for these two titles as well as a decision that probably angered millions of gamers in the form of “Hey, you want a cool Pokemon game for the Switch? You know, the console you just bought and need more games for? Well, you can have a port of Pokken Tournament!” Yeah, it comes with new characters and stuff, but I think players are dying for a classic RPG Pokemon to arrive on something other than the 3DS, but what can you do when you’re dealing with Nintendo.

Anyway, back on topic, they could show more of these two games here just to remind everyone and possibly reveal it to people who didn’t pay attention to the solo Nintendo Direct. They could even reveal the megaton that it will indeed be coming to Switch, though I’m accepting that as a pipe dream.

Fire Emblem Warriors


Source: Nintendo / Fire Emblem Warriors

I like Dynasty Warriors games and I’m iffy about Fire Emblem, but throw Fire Emblem into a Warriors style game and you can sign me right up. To my knowledge, we’ve only see screenshots of this game so far and quick teaser footage, so I think it’s time to show some actual gameplay here and maybe announce a release date as this is another title just known to be coming out near the back half of 2017 and nothing more.

Virtual Console


Source: Nintendo / Virtual Console

People love to play old games on their new console. I agree that there is merit behind it as well, but the Switch launched without support for the Virtual Console. Nintendo basically said all would be revealed here at E3 for their plans for the program, but there are many factors that could make or break the announcement. Will players be able to import everything they bought for previous consoles? Will more legacy consoles and titles be added to the program? Guess we’ll learn soon enough.

Possible Stuff:

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle


Source: Nintendo / Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

If you read my Ubisoft list, you know why I threw this here. I’m not sure where this odd combo of a game will show up, hell, it might even show up in both cases! I’ll say it again though, Mario with a Mega Man blaster is something I never thought I’d see and I enjoy it a lot. Also happy that Luigi is forever just gonna ride with a vacuum, all he needs. (Luigi’s Mansion 3 is my secret shot in the dark).

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Source: Nintendo / Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still confirmed to be coming out this year, but I don’t believe it. I’m expecting some more gameplay footage like the stuff shown at the Switch Presentation in January followed by an acknowledgement of a delay or something. Sorry guys, just seems like that type of game to me..

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Source: Nintendo / The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Every other console has had Skyrim for years at this point and then new consoles even got the Special Edition last year. Poor Nintendo has never got in on the Bethesda open world goodness though, but when the Nintendo Switch was first announced, Nintendo decided to show a person playing Skyrim on the Switch and then was shown a little more at the Switch Presentation in January. They then decided to not say much more about it, not even confirming if it’d be the Special Edition or not, so maybe we’ll finally get confirmation here AND a release date or maybe not.

Whatever Retro’s Doing


Source: Retro Studios

The studio behind the new age Donkey Kong Country titles and, once upon a time, the Metroid Prime trilogy hasn’t made a lot of noise since 2014’s Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It seems like a good time to finally reveal what they had been working on and if it ends up being another DKC instead of a new Metroid Prime, I won’t be happy. Let’s hope Nintendo actually allowed them to do something good for the Metroid franchise, unlike things like Other M and Federation Force.

Shot In The Dark:

Pikmin 4


Source: Pikmin

Back in the year of 2015, there was a report that a Pikmin 4 was in development and apparently almost finished, but there hasn’t been much news on it since. With a new console out for Nintendo, now would be a good time to reintroduced the series, which hasn’t been seen since 2013 with the third title.

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch


Source: Nintendo / Super Smash Bros

There are things that Nintendo shouldn’t bother porting over to the Switch, you know, like Pokken Tournament and things they SHOULD port over, like this game. Obviously, we don’t always get what we want, but Nintendo still has a chance to make this right. Port over Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and maybe add a few new characters and stages or something and we’re set. There were rumors afloat about this around the internet, but it only turned out to be very good fake images from 4chan. Hope still runs deep though.


Annnnndddddd, we are finished. Now we all get to sit back together and watch what unfolds this E3. Maybe some of the guesses will be right, maybe some of them will be wrong. It’d make me more than happy for one of my more obscure shots in the dark to actually be right. Check out the E3 schedule here for conference times and thanks for reading!