‘The Umbrella Academy’ wrapped up its first season with a (literal) bang, which caused an apocalypse. Fans everywhere saw this as a great opportunity for the show to carry on and give the primary characters a chance to exhibit personal and familial growth as they raced against time to save the world — and we now know that fighting against another apocalypse is just the thing to bring the team back together. But that also means that the plot is thickening and getting crazier as the show progresses.

The “same weird family” is thrown back to the 1960s where they quickly discover that they are on the brink of another apocalypse. And while the overarching plot is a looming presence, each character appears to develop their own back story that ties into the history they are experiencing. The family’s predicament is not only wrapped up in another apocalypse but is also intertwined with historical events like the assassination of JFK. This is all much larger than the first season’s plot and is sure to have us all binge season two in one sitting starting at midnight on July 31.

Die-hard fans of the Dark Horse series, which has three volumes and was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, might have been a little put off by the first season since it’s said to have been an iffy adaptation. But after seeing the trailer below I think it’s clear that this show deserves the respect and hype it’s gotten since the first season’s announcement.

Some fans of the original Dark Horse series seemed a little put off with Netflix’s adaptation in season one, but after watching the trailer below I think just about anyone can get hyped up for season two. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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