Have you ever been in a situation where someone said something or asked you to do something and you just wanted to scream out a big, fat “no”? Whether you’re busy or you just don’t like the person (because they’re, well, an asshole), sometimes we just need to say no, but a lot of the time, we have to be polite and stay in people’s good graces and just tolerate it anyway.

If you’re like me, you go home and open your switch to beat up virtual monsters and shoot ink at squid kids to vent. But now, there’s going to be a more directly appeasing way to relieve stress through video games.

Studio Fizbin has announced Say No! More, a game where you literally have to say no, more! You’re dropped into the position of an intern starting at a new company, and everyone treats you like crap, with boring and pointless tasks that you’re probably doing for free. The writing is like watching an episode of The Office sometimes, where your supervisor blatantly takes advantage of you and your shyness.

Say No! More's Prologue

Source: Steam

Upon finding out they had a free demo available, I immediately dove in. So far, it looks like you get to choose from four different looks – I went with the old lady, because, well. Why wouldn’t I want to be an older woman at a new company who kicks aside all the disrespectful superiors?

Your new supervisor introduces you to the company.

Source: Steam

There’s a brief intro section, and learn to say no once you realize you’re in this craphole situation through a cassette tape you find at your desk that’s like a motivational exercise tape, but with saying “No!”

Say No! More's encouraging coach.

Source: Steam

Practice your skills!

Source: Steam

Here, you learn you can also laugh mockingly at jerkwads of the office, or clap to make them feel awkward. You can even switch up the ways you say “no”! They really thought of everything. The laughing was my favorite, and I don’t know how the voices are varied, but the one I got was perfectly mocking and delicious.

The rest of the demo is spent learning even more tips and tricks, finding out that different techniques work on different people to shut them down or even raise your position! The dialogue threwn in here and there is absolutely hilarious, with lots of “I’m just projecting!” and “I feel awkward now..” and “I’m actually very small!” comments thrown in that increase the game’s self-awareness and satisfies that little part inside of me that wishes I could do this in real life.

Scheduled for release by the end of this year, I’m definitely looking forward to this game. The game will be released on PC (Steam), the Nintendo Switch, and even iOS! Check out their Twitter for more updates, and play a FREE demo on Steam right now. It’s tons of fun, and you can play it again and again until the full game is released.