TGON Plays: The Walking Dead – A New Frontier!

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Javier “Javi” Garcia races down the street, urgently trying to make it to his father’s bedside. As he stumbles up the steps, he’s greeted by his brother, David, who berates him for always being late and not putting enough effort into his life. He missed his father’s passing, and from there it was solely based on picking up the pieces.  Naturally, children cope in their own way, and when the family sees Javi’s niece, Mariana, making her grandfather a glass of water, they try to explain that she doesn’t have to do that anymore. She says that “grandpa is awake,” which spurs the family into checking up on their allegedly deceased patriarch. Finding him standing at the window,  one of the members of the family approaches him, proclaiming it a miracle. The grandfather attacks him, and Javier and David do their best to subdue their father. Their mother approaches, in awe of seeing her husband alive, but I’m sure thinks otherwise when her husband tears away a chunk of her cheek. They’re forced to beat the man back to death, and in a rush, David orders Javi to get his kids while he took his mother to the hospital.

the van

As Javi, Mariana, her brother Gabe, and David’s wife, Kate, climb into their van, the camera pans out and shows a city under fire. Four years pass, and Javi and Kate have taken on caring for Gabe and Mariana, who are now young teenagers. They do what they must to survive and stay human, but what will it cost them to do so? As you can probably tell from the game’s title card, Clementine is still going strong, though she’s visibly aged into her teen years. The third TellTale games installment of The Walking Dead is action-packed, totally revamped, and available on all current consoles as well as iOS and Android devices – be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. As always, thanks for reading!

David and Kate

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