Episode Synopsis:

Jess and Cece begin campaigning and bet a disbelieving Schmidt that they can recruit voters for the approaching presidential election; Winston shows Nick the ins and outs of modern phone sex.

Vote for Hillary!

Now that the debates are all over the news, even ‘New Girl’ has chimed in with their opinions about the candidates. We find out in the beginning of the episode, that Jess and Cece are both voting for Hillary, and are going to help out by registering voters. They get in a little debate themselves with Schmidt about if they can get 5 people to register, they want Schmidt to vote for Hillary, but if they fail, Jess has to vote for Winston. Can you imagine. Winston/Ferguson 2016, haha! Anyway, Jess and Cece get very committed, and end up going around house to house, asking for peoples votes. Unfortunately, nothing goes their way, until they reach a sorority house. It’s funny, because in pretty much every movie or TV show, sororities are depicted with girls acting outrageous and drinking non-stop. In this case, the same thing happened. Jess and Cece knocked on the sororities door, and everyone was wasted. They manage to make their way into the house and try their best to get signatures. While they thought they are getting legit signatures for voting, they get dragged into all the drinking, and found out later, that all the girls signed with fake names. The names were actually really hilarious. Frustrated, Jess makes a speech about getting the girls to participate, and they finally agree. Funnily enough, as the sorority girls follow Jess and Cece, they reveal that they’re voting for Trump. On the flip side of all of this, we find out that Schmidt is voting for Paul Ryan. That was smart on the writers parts, to not have Schmidt vote for Trump, because I’m sure there would have been an uproar about it.

Phone sex

The more comical side to this episode, was Nick attempting to have phone sex with Reagan. Like his usual self, he starts freaking out about keeping the spark alive with Reagan, now that they’re doing the “long D.” Thinking he’s mastered long distance, Winston decides to help Nick out and arranges for him to use his phone sex room. Ew. It made me laugh because you really get to see deeper into his and Aly’s relationship, and I guess they like to role-play. He had the green screen and everything. I also loved that when he asked Nick what background he wanted, Nick liked the idea of space. I don’t know what it is with Nick and space. When Nick finally dropped his pants and finally realized that he was Skyping Aly instead of Reagan, I lost it. Him trying to get away, and the comet covering his junk, was the funniest thing ever! And yet again, Nick used the phrase, “this is my nightmare.” Freaking out even further, Nick doesn’t know how to still have phone sex with Reagan, so Winston gives him some inspiration, and thankfully, Nick calls Reagan this time and they have some weird phone sex. Even though Nick is trying to keep the spark alive with Reagan, now that they’re doing long distance, it still kills me that he’s fully committed to staying with Reagan. After all the great things he said to Jess in the last episode, I’m just dying for his relationship to end with Reagan. We all know that Reagan will actually make an appearance towards the middle of the season, so us Nick and Jess fans are going to have deal with this for quite some time.


Another smaller storyline, but important one, was Cece’s dilemma with going to college or not. Yay, that she graduated from a community college, but it was nice to see that she applied to further her education. Even though Schmidt and Jess wanted her to continue learning, it did seem like Cece, to not want to continue. I’m interested to see what her future holds in terms of her career. It seems like she wants to help people, so maybe she’ll start looking at jobs that go in that direction. Lastly, it was nice to see that even though she didn’t want to continue her education, Schmidt and Jess didn’t make too much of fuss about it. They fully supported her and that truly shows that they’re great people in her life.