Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

The promo for this week was NOT lying when it said lots of crazy stuff would happen. “Conspiracy Weary” was definitely one of the most entertaining episodes of the season, which also set us up well for the two-part season finale.

We started right where we left off, with Harley Johns holding a gun up to Ravi’s head. Instead of shooting Ravi, Harley just knocked him out, and he and his brother and friends proceeded to poke Don E. with a cattle prod. Not long after, Liv and Blaine showed up in full zombie mode and handled the interior, while Chase Graves and his soldiers took on the exterior. All of the Zombie KKK went down (except for Harley–he escaped). Don E., Blaine, and Liv all got some of Bo Johns’ brain, so they all spent the remainder of the episode spouting hilarious/crazy conspiracy theories, while also providing more insight into the mystery that is Harley Johns. Including the fact that Harley knew he was being tailed by Fillmore Graves, so he set up landmines around his cabin–killing two FG soldiers. Towards the end of the episode, Liv and Clive found Harley’s secret underground bunker behind his cabin, where he was hiding…and craving brains. Yep, the leader of the anti-zombie movement is now a zombie himself. Ain’t it funny how that works out?

Elsewhere, Peyton is getting closer to solving Wexler’s mysterious murder. She obtained the stripper’s memory card from his security box, and found out his daughter is a zombie. She and Liv came to the conclusion that Barracus must be heavily involved. The question is, though, to what extent? Is he a murderer? Or just a blackmailer? Let’s hope it’s the latter, since he’s the new mayor of Seattle.

Finally, there must be something in the water at Major and Ravi’s apartment, because they both picked some crazy girls to fall for. Let’s start with Major. Remember last week when he built a sex fort with Shauna and we were all grossed out and figured she was shady? Well, we were right. She was secretly posting all of these private pictures of Major all over her Tumblr, and when Major broke it off, she started selling t-shirts of him on the street. It’s clear that Major is about to break from all of this unwanted attention. *says five prayers for Major’s wellbeing* *amen*

Then, Ravi, why would you be so trustworthy of a random wannabe zombie photographer you JUST MET? I’m mad at you, man. Yep, Rachel is ALSO an untrustworthy snake. She coaxed the whole zombie story out of Ravi and then wrote about it in the newspaper.

The evidence is stacking up here…how long until D-Day? And if we get D-Day this season? What can we expect next season?!