We open to right where we left off last week with K.O. proposing to Katy. She is trying to figure out why she can’t spit Yes out.

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Back at the apartment with her girls, she tells them what happens. Turns out there is a thief on the loose. What they really care about is why didn’t she shout YES! from the rooftops. K.O. Didn’t catch the thief but he did stay the night. The next day Katy goes to her special spot to think when she gets a call from Gloria. She hustles in only to find out she is only there for the Prince from last episode. Gloria is making her miss her meeting with Francois so she can help the Prince as he asked for her specifically.

The Prince comes but is not super excited about the choices Katy has presented him with. Katy is noticeably uncomfortable because of the whole proposal with K.O. and it being in the paper and because she didn’t attend Francois’s morning meeting. Francois told Katy she would have to choose between him and Gloria at some point. Because of his outburst at the last casting director, this audition Jorge just went to didn’t want him. Even his manager was about to fire him.

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Katy gets to go to an engagement dinner even though she isn’t engaged. K.O. didn’t tell his mom that. When they get to the party, K.O.’s mom is elated. She can tell something is off with Katy. As Katy is sitting with K.O at the bus stop she finds her answer.

Jorge lands the next gig. He is actually wanted for the show but it’s not the Broadway production he was hoping. It a tour on a bus and it leaves tomorrow so even Ginger Mint has to go bye-bye. He doesn’t want to go through. When Jorge goes to preform and Ginger Mint one last time, the other Queens tell him their opinions of the whole thing. Jorge decides to stay. Yay!

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What does Katy say to K.O.? What do you think? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…