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Oliver and Barry get a lead on John Deegan and head to Gotham City with Supergirl to figure out why their reality has changed; Kate Kane provides the friends with information that leads the group to Arkham Asylum. – The CW

Like the title of the episode suggests, this is in a second parter which started with the Flash and will end with Supergirl. I’m gonna write this post up assuming that you’ve watched part 1 or at the very least read our post here about it.

The episode opens with the usual recap but this time Grant Gustin is playing Oliver Queen, a very nice touch considering the predicament Oliver and Barry are in. I wish the Flash had down the same.

Anyways, the episode opens with Star City being destroyed by that weird red storm stuff and very some random reason ARGUS is going after Deathstroke’s son—super random. He almost kills everyone but then the life/body swapped Barry and Oliver with the help of Kara stop him. The Trinity? Sure the Trinity, need the Star City nerds to figure out the swap and the storm while they go to Gotham, yes that Gotham. If you recall Oliver and Felicity are going through a rough patch so, they are choosing not to tell her.

Also Barry believes Batman is real and Oliver thinks he is just an urban legend, either way I’ll take it. In Gotham they do find the Bat signal so, things are looking like the Batman is real. Ollie still doesn’t by it. While they are scoping that out the camera pans out to Wayne tower where we see Batwoman in all her glory looking over the city—the suit does look nice.

Trouble just seems to find the Trinity—within moments of walking on the street Gotham thugs attempt to mug them. When they due subdue the muggers the police show up and arrest Kara, Barry and Oliver. I assume its mostly because the “Green Arrow” is holding a man at gun point.

Meanwhile, back in Star City Curtis and Felicity are trying to figure out the storm when Cisco and Caitlin crash the party. The storm has been following Barry and Oliver. Caitlin accidentally spills the beans about the body swap. Felicity gets a little butt hurt that nobody told her.

Oliver’s back in prison, ha ha. Luckily for them somebody posted bail for the three of them. Outside the police station they are greeted by a man who “urges” them to come with him. By urges I mean he pulls out a gun, that’s why it was in parentheses. The man drops them off outside, you guessed it Wayne Tower. Kara finds it odd Bruce Wayne would bail them out but Oliver informs her that he has been missing for three years so it couldn’t be him.

Wayne Tower has seen some better days. Inside they are greeted by Ruby Rose’s Kate Cane. She tells “Oliver” if he is here for Batman he is gone so, the Green Arrow shouldn’t be here. She wants the Green Arrow out of her city.

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Back in Star City, Felicity is still butt hurt and more butt hurt when she finds out Iris was able to figure out something was up with Barry and she wasn’t able to with Oliver. Caitlin is able to attempt to chill Felicity out, it has moderate success. Also Felicity figured out that the storm is because some one is trying to breach through and if they build a science machine they will be able to so, they are gonna start building.

With Batman gone Gotham has gone to hell. Kate Kane isn’t much help finding their guy but luckily Oliver snagged some software or something from the police station that’ll help them. We are reminded that Oliver used to not always have Felicity. John Deacon is the man they are looking for but the police database has no records of a known address.

Kara leaves the boys to do some of her own investigating which leads her to Kate Kane. Kate reveals to Kara that she is Bruce Wayne is her cousin, which I’m sure most of us knew. They both bond over being over shadowed by their cousins and Kate tells Kara that Deacon works at Arkham Asylum. Kara heads off to tell the boys and we follow Kate as she heads to her Batcave, where her suit is revealed in all its glory.

Back with the nerds the machine brings an unlikely person to them for a few moments. It’s someone who looks like Barry’s dad or Jay Garrick—he is neither he is Barry from Earth-90. He appears in a cloud tells them the need the book to stop him—very vague and then he disappears.

The Trinity arrive at Arkham. While they are planning how to get in there, Cisco, Caitlin and John breach in and tell them of the Flash they just met. With their help they plan to infiltrate the asylum by bringing Caitlin in as a patient and using John’s ARGUS credentials. Barry is left outside because everyone would recognize him as Oliver Queen. Inside is basically a smörgåsbord of Batman Easter eggs.

Oliver and Dig find Deacon and he completely admits to being responsible for the swap. He flees and lets all the inmates out because for some reason he has a button that does that in his office. The heroes suit up and so does one villain, Psychopirate—he is either gonna be important for the Batwoman show or the next crossover.

Caitlin comes face to face with Nora Fries because ice but I’m confused as to why she is not frozen and close to death but whatever. Oliver seems to have a handle on the Flash abilities as he rounds up lots and lots of inmates. The Green Arrow and Cisco have a run in with Psychopirate before they can do anything Batwoman shows up and kicks some serious ass.

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Caitlin now as Killer Frost is fighting Nora who know has the Mister Freeze’s gun. Deacon ran straight to his book which in turn lead Kara straight to the book and she takes it from him no problem. Oliver and Barry come to Killer Frost’s aid. Oliver throws a lightning bolt and spooks Nora unfortunately for him he knocked over and box of Scarecrow toxin.

Barry sees Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver sees Eobard Thawne. The heroes and their counterparts start fighting but of course the villains aren’t actually their and they are just fighting each other. Through the fights Oliver and Barry both learn a lot about each other. Caitlin watches as they pummel each other until Batwoman shows up and once again saves the day.

With the book in hand, the Trinity and friends are ready to leave Gotham and Batwoman is very eager for them to do so. Of course before leaving Kara and Batwoman share an epic handshake while mentioning something about being the world finest.

Back in Star City, Oliver and Barry talk about their visions and gain a better understanding for each other. Afterwards Oliver now in touch with his inner Barry Allen talks to Felicity, basically telling her how he’ll always love her no matter what. Real touching stuff.

The Flash is back. He reveals himself as Barry Allen and he recognizes Diggle but is confused as to why he is not wearing his ring—that’s right on Earth-90 Diggle is a Green Lantern. Anyways he is here to warn them about the Monitor, who is attempting to test universes for an impending crisis.

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The Monitor has made his grand appearance in Star City. The two Flashes, the Green Arrow and Supergirl set out to confront him. He quickly sends Earth-90 Flash away. The Monitor warns of impending crisis and is hoping to find champions who can save the multiverse and so far they are the only ones to get this far. He then magically or whatever steals the book and gives it back to Deacon telling him to think bigger.

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The episode ends with Barry and Oliver standing in the middle of the street powerless in matching leather outfits. The police quickly arrive, Diaz, Deathstroke’s son and Merlyn are the officers. Oliver quickly dispatches them and they flee all to might a black suited Superman telling them it is over.

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This episode was a total blast but my write up here is going to do zero justice—you should really just watch it to enjoy all the zany comic book fun and to catch all the fun Easter eggs.

And with that I will see next year, January 21st to be exact, which is when Arrow returns.